The Abundant Veggie Patch System is an online video course that will take your back-yard and make it BURST with organic veggies…

 (so you can enjoy eating fresh food from your own garden!)

Are you tired of tasteless veggies from the shops? Would you love to eat juicy tomatoes and fresh salad greens bursting with flavour & nutrients? Do you want to be less dependent on the supermarket and more in control of your health? If you’re like me, you’d also love to feel connected to your food in the way our ancestors did. Experiencing the satisfaction of harvesting organic food, picked moments before it’s on your place for dinner.

There’s no doubt our food system is a huge problem today. Fruit and veggies travel for miles (often across continents!) before ending up in the shops; are stored in refrigerators for months; and lack the nutrients our bodies need. Sadly, they tastes nothing like fruit and veggies should; full of flavour, bursting with nutrients, juicy, crisp and delicious. Plus, they’re usually coated in chemicals, pesticides and herbicides.

I’m Nicola Newman, a Certified Permaculture designer, organic gardening teacher & Nicola Newman 350pixelscontemporary artist.

A few years ago a painful infec­tion of parasites made my intestines highly sensitive to chemicals and I needed to be sure my food had been grown organically. I wanted my food to be the best, most nutri­tious and fresh­est food possible.

So I moved to the coun­try and set up an organic veg­gie patch using clever Per­ma­cul­ture design prin­ci­ples that allow me to focus my energy on heal­ing my health, help­ing oth­ers grow food and con­tinuing to paint in my stu­dio, with­out spend­ing all my time main­tain­ing the garden. Meanwhile, I’ve taught beginner gardeners around the world how to set up their own abundant vegetable gardens using the simple, low-maintenance methods I love.

I’m still amazed this is my garden. It’s constantly bursting with delight. I’m grateful for everything it gives me… Connection to nature. Changing seasons. Delicious organic food. When I began I wanted a veggie patch to support my health, but it’s brought me so much more…

My garden is my refuge. My sanctuary. My inspiration. My soul’s delight.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 7.23.10 PM

Would you LOVE to grow organic food like that?

(You can!) Every day I pick bunches and bunches of fresh leafy greens, tasty and delicious herbs, and whatever else is in season. The best part? It’s right outside my back door! It makes preparing meals fast, simple and easy, because the food tastes SO good picked fresh right off the plant, just minutes, instead of months ago. The food is packed with nutrients, because I personally put them in the soil, so it supports my health beautifully.

My garden sup­ports me, more than I sup­port it. And that’s how I like it. Low-maintenance vegetable gardens are great for busy people, not just those who have health prob­lems, but also mums, elderly gar­den­ers and city-dwellers alike. Which is why I’ve put all my best training, simple systems and step-by-step videos into my acclaimed online organic gardening course…

TAVPS iMac Infographic

Introducing… The Abundant Veggie Patch System!

  • An entirely unique online gardening course created and taught by certified Permaculture designer and organic gardening teacher, yours truly… Nicola Newman.
  • Delivered via video and written materials so you can participate from anywhere in the world in a way that works with your schedule.
  • A six-week online course guiding you through the five steps of creating your organic veggie patch from designing your garden, gathering your resources, to creation, upkeep and harvest.

Jessica Ainscough

Nicola has the abil­ity to make us see the beauty in inti­mately con­nect­ing with Mother Nature and the ben­e­fit of putting per­sonal, nur­tur­ing life force into our food.

Before I met Nicola I thought gar­den­ing was some­thing I would always con my dad into doing for me. I thought it was an old man’s game. Nic blew that assump­tion right out of the pond.

Plus her energy, enthu­si­asm and play­ful spirit make her one of the coolest peo­ple to hang out with. She is so much fun – a breath of fresh air in a niche where she is sec­ond to none.



How The Abun­dant Veg­gie Patch Sys­tem Can Help You

The Abun­dant Veg­gie Patch Sys­tem is an online organic gar­den­ing course, packed with prac­ti­cal videos, audios, check­lists and resources to help you design, cre­ate and upkeep your own veg­gie patch so you can enjoy an abun­dance of fresh, organic food right out­side your back-door.

My six week e-course will help you under­stand how to save money and cre­ate your own incred­i­ble soil, how to choose the right plants for your cli­mate, and what you need to do to ensure your gar­den fits into your lifestyle so you can improve your health & well-being.

You’ll receive guid­ance, strate­gies and prac­ti­cal projects, which you can down­load and refer back to again and again. Plus, you’ll also get lifetime access to a pri­vate online com­mu­nity where you can share your jour­ney with other organic gar­den­ers from around the world! As your teacher and host, I’m a cer­ti­fied Per­ma­cul­ture designer and organic gar­den­ing teacher and have helped peo­ple around the world, from Dubai to Perth, cre­ate organic gar­dens that sup­port their health and fit in with their busy lifestyles.

The Abundant Veggie Patch System is For You if:

  • You’d love to grow your own organic food, but you’re unsure about where to begin
  • You have a veggie patch that needs love and attention, and you need direction and inspiration
  • You want to make a positive difference to your health by eating more fresh organic food
  • You sense being part of a supportive community of like-minded people would help you get started
  • You’re spending hours on the internet researching, but don’t know what actually works
  • You think it might be incredibly rewarding, soul-satisfying and fun to grow some of your own organic food (you’d be right! :) )

If You’ve Never Grown Organic Food Before

No worries! It’s surprisingly easy and I’d love to teach you how! The Abundant Veggie Patch System brings together the system I’ve found to be the most reliable, most fun, and most rewarding process to help you grow more organic food. You’ll learn the easiest ways to get started, how to save money on materials, and how to keep your garden growing with minimum time and effort.


Designing Your Garden for Abundance

  • Why Design is the most important factor in creating an abundant veggie patch you actually USE.
  • How to save time, effort and energy in your garden.
  • How to make it so easy to choose healthy food and herbal teas you won’t be able to stop yourself from making healthy & delicious choices.
  • The first step in finding out WHERE to put your veggie patch.
  • What all the fuss is about veggies needing sunshine.
  • How some basic geography and orienteering will help you create an abundant veggie patch.
  • Two simple solutions you may never have considered if you don’t have much sun. These are places that are staring you right in the face, and could be the answer to creating your own abundant garden.
  • The second exercise that will clearly show you the ideal location to put your veggie patch.
  • Why size does matter.
  • Why even if you put your garden in the right place, but then use the wrong dimensions, you’ll be wasting your energy and destroying the most important element in your garden.
  • An exact way to find the optimum size plot for your situation.
  • How wide you need to make your paths.
  • A simple method to visualise your design, even if you can’t draw anything.

Gathering Your Resources. Tips & trick to save you time & money.

  • All about the ‘intimate relationship’ between edging and weeds.
  • Four diverse and useful materials you can use for edging your garden beds and the pros and cons of each.
  • What a raised garden bed is and six reasons they’re so popular.
  • Which edging options I used, why I chose them and what I recommend beginning with.
  • Where to find materials for your garden edging.
  • Seven options for creating pathways that lead you easily to your abundant harvest.
  • Real life examples of different paths and how they serve their owners.
  • How to decide where to begin and what I recommend.
  • Where to find materials for your paths (if you need any at all!)
  • Why making your own soil is the key to an abundant veggie patch.
  • The simple scientific formula that makes creating your own soil fail safe, easy and fun. And something the kids will enjoy too!
  • The two main elements that make soil and how you can get your hands on them no matter where you live.
  • The secret ingredient that all successful Permaculture gardeners I know use to make soil, fast.
  • How to ensure your soil has all the nutrients you and your plants need for a healthy immune system.

Soil Creation Extravaganza!!! Secrets of making compost & how to make your new no-dig garden in an afternoon.

  • How to make compost that breaks down quickly and doesn’t smell.
  • What is safe to put into your compost and what to leave out.
  • A nifty method to make it easy to save your kitchen scraps in a totally ‘non-icky’ way.
  • How to create soil that ensures your plants thrive.
  • The most important work force in your garden and how you can get them working for you for free.
  • How to use cheap, readily available organic ingredients to speed up the creation of your nutritious soil.
  • The important soil creation ingredient needed to ensure your fresh food is full of minerals and therefore great for your health.

Planting Your Smorgasboard. Know what to plant & when, plus how to save money on plants & seedlings.

  • Two types of plants I recommend every beginner start with and why even if you only grow these, you’ll greatly increase the abundance in your garden, meals and health.
  • How to create abundance in shady spots, with this list of plants that cope with shade.
  • A list of Permaculture plants that will substantially increase the sustainability and productivity of your garden.
  • How to find plants that fit your ‘Sweet Spot’ and why planting anything else is setting yourself up for disappointing results.
  • The 3 all important questions to ask before you plant anything (this could save you hours of time & effort)
  • How to customise your own personal planting calendar.
  • Four extra special planting tips to increase your abundance & planting success.
  • Why growing from seed can sometimes be the best way to go.
  • How to know when to plant seeds direct into the soil or if you should plant into seed raising pots first.
  • What sort of soil to plant into.
  • The method I’ve had the best results from sowing seeds, and the simple steps you can follow too.
  • How to sow seeds directly into your no-dig garden.
  • Two quick and easy propagation methods to increase the abundance in your garden by creating free plants.
  • How I got many of the plants in my garden, not from the store, but for free.
  • Four clever Permaculture planting principles to increase the abundance in your garden with no extra effort.
  • A simple formula to bring clarity around your garden and check if you’re on track, when life gets busy.
  • The secret to every gardener’s long-term success.

Upkeep Your Abundance. How to make it simple & easy to keep it all growing!

  • 8 simple methods to discourage pests and diseases, without using chemicals.
  • The long-held beliefs we’ve been raised with as civilized societies that torment us and make more work for ourselves.
  • What weeds REALLY mean in your garden – are they a friend or foe?
  • 3 Stress-free methods for managing weeds in your veggie patch.
  • Why a weed in time saves nine.
  • What to do with weeds that have gone to seed.
  • 4 Clever, and simple ways weeds HELP you in the garden.
  • What’s personality got to do with weeding?
  • How to maintain your no-dig garden bed.
  • What to do when the season is over and your plants have finished producing.
  • What to do with perennial plants in a no-dig garden.
  • 4 Ways to increase your soil’s fertility, and thereby your garden’s productivity and abundance.
  • How important is water, anyway?
  • Four nifty options to water your garden on any budget.
  • Six ways to save water in your veggie patch.
  • How to know when your plants really need a drink, and they’re not just ‘faking’ it.
  • Tips to make watering a pleasure and not a mess.

Implementation Module

Coaching Call Recording: Listen as past students ask questions about their gardens and pick up ideas, tips & strategies for your own veggie patch.

After the Course

After the course, the online discussion group continues to be available to you, so you remain part of the Grow Organic Food in Pots community for years to come. You’ll have access to the network of organic gardeners and can ask for support, celebrate successes, get ideas on challenges, and much more.

Love FREE Bonuses? Me too!

You’ll also receive:

  • ‘Essen­tial Gar­den Tools for Your Tool Belt’ Train­ing Video
  • Com­post Made Easy Train­ing Video

Plus 2 Bonus e-Books!Book_cover1Screen-Shot-2012-03-13-at-12.53.49-PM


Get the Best Price & Pay in Full or Or Take Advantage of the 2x Month Payment Option of $285 *Plus GST for Australian residents.

QUOTE with shadow

After The Abundant Veggie Patch System, You Can Expect:

  • To be eating from your veggie patch within 45 days.
  • Enjoy fresh organic salad greens & herbs in your meals, picked fresh just moments before.
  • Have an action plan to know what to plant, and when.
  • Feel less dependent on food from the supermarket.
  • Have the tools to save money on your seedlings, fertilizer and of course on fresh organic food.
  • Have a framework to ensure you put your garden in the right place to ensure its success.
  • Have a remarkable circle of women around the world to share tips, strategies and success stories with.
  • Increase the abundance of your existing garden.
  • Confidently design, plan and implement your new veggie patch.
  • Deal with pests and diseases, organically!
  • Be comfortable knowing how to maintain your plants and keep it all growing.

How it Works

The Abundant Veggie Patch System is entirely virtual: based in video, written and audio formats, so you can participate from anywhere in the world, and in a way that fits into your busy schedule. The Abundant Veggie Patch System includes:

  • 5 comprehensive modules with over 20 practical and inspiring videos & audios
  • written guides, resources lists and a set of funsheets for each module
  • an online forum where you can connect with other participants, get support, ask questions and get feedback for your own organic garden. You’ll have access to this network for years to come.


My Kale & Greens are Doing Amazingly!

Just wanted to say that the garden is going really well. I rewatched a couple of your videos and filled up a second compost bin, have just planted tomato seedlings and my kale and other greens are doing amazingly!

I never in a million years envisaged gardening would have this effect on me. I retreat there and just while away whatever time I have. I owe so much to you. Nicola, you are a wealth of practical and useful information! Here’s some pictures from my flourishing veggie patch!

Vanessa's veggie patch


Why Do I Teach How to Grow Organic Food?


A few years ago I was lying in bed, scrunched up in pain after eating a conventionally grown red capsicum (ie. chemically grown capsicum). At that moment, I realised I had to learn how to grow organic food myself. I spent days searching the internet trying to find out how to get started… but it was terribly confusing just trying to read a bit here and a bit there. No one had a complete system SHOWING me how to make an organic garden.

I had no idea where to begin. Then I discovered Permaculture and found a thriving community of established gardeners living in my region. I completed my Permaculture Design Certificate with the founder of Permaculture himself, Bill Mollison, hosted at Melbourne University and LOVED discovering all the time-saving systems and clever strategies to maximise my garden.I rushed home and transformed my back lawn into an abundant organic veggie patch in just a few weeks.

I was astonished at how quick, easy and rewarding it was to get it set up when I knew how! I though, ‘People need to know how quickly they can be enjoying their own home-grown food, and how to get started. This confusion about how to begin and what to do has to end.’ It has to end because our health needs us to take action.

When I look around, it’s clear our food supply system isn’t up to scratch. What was once nutrient dense and delicious fresh food, is now a poor substitute for mass-produced, tasteless vegetables. Herbs are so exorbitantly priced many families go without. And organic food, well, it can be hard to find, often wilted and usually quite pricey.

My deepest desire with The Abundant Veggie Patch System is to create a community of people who are empowered to change the course of their own health, reduce their environmental foot-print, reconnect with nature and their own creative expression by growing organic food.

Join us. People like us, growing organic food, is going to make the world a more delightful place.

With love,

Can’t wait until I get my first bunch of kale for my green smoothies!Kate Cleland

I most definitely enjoyed the course. Loved the videos and each week I found the modules to be a good amount of learning and pdf exercises. I followed your advice which was start before you are ready as I definitely thought I wasn’t ready but ultimately realised I had to start somewhere!

For a long time I’ve wanted to give gardening a go. I now have two vege beds with sleepers around them full of lovely layers of nitrogen and carbon. I’m up to your planting module. I’ve squeezed in the modules around a young family so have ended up doing the course a bit more slowly than I planned, but am still making significant inroads given I’ve never really done gardening before!

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 7.42.17 PM


What Would an Abundant Veggie Patch Mean for You?

I know you’re busy and adding something more to your ‘to-do’ list might feel over-whelming.

The beauty of growing even just some of your own organic food is CONVENIENCE. Having edible plants in your back-yard makes preparing healthy, organic meals at home SO easy!

Most people find growing organic food doesn’t take as much time as they imagined. In fact, it saves them hours each week by making it easier to throw together a tasty salad of fresh greens and herbs from the garden, than to travel to the shops or pick up take-away.

// We need systems to support us in making healthy food choices. And a low-maintenance veggie patch does that.

// We need inspiration for making simple food taste mind-blowingly-delicious. Fresh herbs, available right outside your kitchen, are the answer.

// We need kindred spirits who share the desire and inquisitive nature to relearn this ancient skill of providing fresh food for our families.

// The Abundant Veggie Patch System is here to bring all those skills and resources to you.

Simone NovelloI LOVED Nicola’s Abundant Veggie Patch System – it was worth every cent!

Even my friends who have been gardening for decades can’t believe my leap in knowledge and gardening skills. I’m a busy, working mum and the course fitted in beautifully with my schedule.

Nicola held my hand as I set up a garden step-by-step and made sure I got wins on the board that increased my confidence in growing organic food. Thanks Nicola for helping me turn my brown thumb, green! I’m enjoying the fun and educational ride – sun, exercise, spending time with the kids, creating beauty in the garden and the best tasting nutritious food I’ve ever had!!! Satisfaction.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 8.12.35 PM


Anyone wanting to start a garden with NO experience will feel empowered to do it with The Abundant Veggie Patch System!

Lana Purcell

Hubby and I are watching the videos in the course together and are SUPER motivated and excited to start. We love all of The Abundant Veggie Patch System. It’s perfectly laid out; easy, explained. Love the pdfs to go with the modules. Nicola is amazing to watch, the videos and design is perfect and anyone wanting to start a garden with NO experience will feel empowered to do it with this system. Love it! Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 7.09.54 PM LANA PURCELL | VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA | THE HEALTHY LIFESTYLER | LANAPURCELL.COM

Cecilia Nicola gives us a big vision, a light heart, and a road map you can trust, step-by-step elic­it­ing a gar­den where the plants and crea­tures take care of each other.

Delicately-flavored organic food appears, almost as a side effect. Then we are freed up and fueled to go do the other cre­ative things we were put on this good earth to do.

Soon you notice, just like she promised, there is an immensely pro­duc­tive ecosys­tem around your house. Steadily, you become some­one with the strength, insight and eager­ness to make life work. Nicola, you make me brave, you make me laugh, and I love being in your aura.


I’ve been gardening for years, and Nicola still taught me so many useful techniques and methods to improve my veggie patch. Jo Hanchard

Her natural enthusiasm for growing organic food inspired me to take action and make my first no-dig garden. When you’re at home on your own, it can be isolating in your garden. Nicola’s course and the online community it brought together kick-started my own enthusiasm again.

The Abundant Veggie Patch System is easy to use, even for someone of my generation who is unfamiliar with advanced technology these days. Nicola walked me through not only how to create my abundant garden, but also the course itself with ongoing support and help.

I don’t know of anyone else out there who is doing what Nicola is doing and making growing organic food accessible to people in different climates and with different ranges of experience. If you want to have organic food right outside your door, or get excited about your garden again, I recommend taking her course.



Get the Best Price & Pay in Full or Or Take Advantage of the 2x Month Payment Option of $285 *Plus GST for Australian residents.

The best $$$ ever spent! The course is very empowering & lots of fun.Ann

I wasn’t sure how much could be taught online about Permaculture, but now I see a lot can be:-) I really loved the little videos of your garden so we could see the information on your slides in action. In many ways, it’s opened up my eyes as to how relatively easy it is to grow your own food.

I’d definitely recommend the course, its the best $$$ ever spent. Its very empowering, lots of fun and I’m sad that its over. Thank you very much for putting this together. I’ll recommend the course to everyone I know. It really was so much fun and so very useful. Thanks again 🙂 ANNE-MARIE SZABO | DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Cost effective & simple.

I now actually have a garden bed and know what to do with it.

The best part was Nicola’s wonderful personality, and the cost effective tips and the simplicity of it. I now feel much more confident about gardening, I feel like I know the big picture and everything is in perspective. I’d absolutely recommend the course, it was such fun and so informative. Nic, you are wonderful at what you do, please don’t stop, I still look forward to your newsletter every week!

– The Abundant Veggie Patch System Participant, 2012

So easy anyone can do it!

The course was no frills and no glamour, it was down to earth and real, you didn’t feel like you had to go out and purchase expensive equipment to make it work. It made it so easy that anyone could do it.

– The Abundant Veggie Patch System Participant, 2012

Nicola’s approach to gardening is so fun & easy!!! Susana Frioni

I now have a balcony garden thriving with all sorts of herbs and veggies…and it only took a couple of hours to create. It’s such a joy (and so convenient!) going out to my balcony to grab some goodness for my meals + juices. I’m growing spinach, basil, lettuce, violas, coriander, snow peas, mint, parsley, and lemon thyme in my small potted garden. Even though it’s a small space, I’ve been surprised how much food comes out of it!

It’s only been 2 months and I’ve already grown at least $125 of fresh herbs and greens. The garden saves me about 1.5 – 2 hours a week in preparing meals, juices and making herbal teas. Plus, having a balcony garden with fresh food ready for picking motivates and inspires me to cook at home more often than I did before. And the kids love it too.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 8.03.51 PM Susana Frioni |

I gained confidence, clarity & perspective.

[blockquote align=”center” variation=”silver”]Thank you also for The Abundant Veggie Patch System, which was abundantly informative and has increased my knowledge of gardening and has also put everything into perspective and into the right order in my mind. I can now proceed with great confidence.

– The Abundant Veggie Patch System Participant, 2012

The garden has given me a creative outlet.

I hesitated for a loooonng time before buying the course. I kept returning to any emails I had, reading and rereading them. I wondered if the content would cover what I wanted to learn, if the teaching style would work for me and whether I would get value for money. All the above turned out to be a yes. . Your teaching has been invaluable to me.

Our garden will come to life in the spring due to what I have learnt and the confidence I have gained. The garden has given me a creative outlet. There is peace in the garden. The garden is filled with love that surrounds me, the family and the home. . I enjoyed the teaching style. Relaxed, informal and useable. I learn best visually so therefore watching made learning easy.

Confidence, confidence, confidence. I would recommend the course, due to the practicality of the content, the ease of learning and the no time frames. . I ‘looked’ around your garden as you taught, I looked at you, I listened to what you said, how you said it and everything showed me you were genuine and authentic. You were not just telling me how to do something. You are doing it, you are living it.

– The Abundant Veggie Patch System Participant, 2012

My veggie patch is over-flowing with kale, spinach, silverbeet, beetroot, chives & tatsoi. I can’t believe the transformation.

Christy Goodey Nicola is my go-to-gal when I need inspiration for healthy living. Shes’s introduced me to green juices and the delight of fresh herbs… and oh my god, herbs make everything taste soooo good! But more than just showing me how to grow healthy food, Nicola continues to inspire, motivate and encourage me to live a life that is abundant and full of creativity.

In The Abundant Veggie Patch System she helps you push past blocks and provides the tools to get things done in your garden. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to feel more connected to nature, grow a gorgeous garden and improve their health. Her honesty, transparency, humour and feminine strength will help you get where you want to go in your garden and your life.


I feel quite energized and excited to be out in my garden every day.

I just can’t wait to get started with the planning of the garden around our new home over the next few months. I really enjoyed being able to watch the videos each week. I’m a visual person, so it just makes sense to be able to see how something is planned or assembled. You do such a good job putting it all together.

– The Abundant Veggie Patch System Participant, 2012

Bernie WaltonI wasn’t sure whether I could “get the skills” online and whether it would be too technical when I enrolled in The Abundant Veggie Patch System. But I have learnt how to vastly improve and prepare my soil, and it shows in healthier plants!

I loved Nicola’s relaxed style of gardening education. She has such an authentic, natural personality. It’s clear she really comes from a place of honesty and caring, and she wants to share her knowledge with you. I would definitely recommend The Abundant Veggie Patch System! Nicola is so inspiring and helpful, even if you have no gardening experience; it’s easy to start growing your own CLEAN fresh food.


The information is good & accurate.

[blockquote align=”center” variation=”silver”]The course inspired me to stop procrastinating and actually start and complete my raised garden bed. The videos and information are very clear and concise. I have benefited because my garden is complete and I am anxiously waiting for the results.

I’d recommend The Abundant Veggie Patch System because the information is good and accurate. I thought the price was a little high initially, although now that I have the garden in and things are growing I’m very happy you convinced me to participate with your pleasant personality. The course gave me all the info I required to get things started and complete; I don’t know how you can improve on that!

– The Abundant Veggie Patch System Participant, 2012



Here are some of the common questions I get asked about the course — plus my honest answers. The Abundant Veggie Patch System isn’t right for everyone so I’m telling you the facts to help you make the best decision for you.

You get immediate access to all the modules as soon as you enroll. You don’t have to worry about missing out because you get lifetime access to The Abundant Veggie Patch System. That means you can’t ever “fall behind.”

You’ll learn at your own convenience and the training materials will be there for you for as long as you need them! The recorded coaching call is available for you to download. In fact, all the module content is available online or downloadable to your computer. This is a multimedia course that includes videos, action guides and funsheets.

You can do it in your own time. You will have access to all the modules in the member’s website as soon as you enroll. You can then watch or download them at your leisure. You get to download every piece of information, including the videos, checklists, MP3 audios and funsheets to your computer so you can review it again and again.

I have many students who say they have gone back to listen to the material after a few months, as a refresher and also because they pick up new information each time.

Obviously, the more you put into your garden, the more you’ll get out of it. Each of the 5 modules have four or five videos that are around 20 minutes each. They are focused on one particular theme, such as where to find materials for your no-dig garden, how to create your own ‘planting calendar’ and how to make compost. Each week has about 1 hour of video content which you can watch in your own time.

Remember, you’re also getting access to the bonus growing in pots training, live coaching call and a wonderful community – which you can participate in, or not. So if you plan to take full advantage of everything on offer, I recommend between 2-4 hours per week.

Many past participants have been surprised at how easy and engaging the online format is. Here are a few things to keep in mind: The course materials are always simple to access. The course combines written materials, worksheets and exercises, phone-based live calls, and recorded audio and video learning. The variety of formats means you’ll be able to digest the material in ways that work for you.

The pluses of a distance-learning approach are that you’ll connect with like-minded women from all over the world and that you can learn/participate in a way that works easily with your schedule.

Yes. The systems I teach are biological processes of making soil that apply the world over. I also teach you systems of designing your garden for maximum yield and ease of use. I give you links and planting calendars to help you decide what to plant and when in your region, no matter where you are in the world.

It doesn’t matter if you live in the northern or the southern hemisphere, The Abundant Veggie Patch System will give you the tools, resources and knowledge so you can grow your own organic food.

This course is designed primarily for people who have space to make a veggie patch where it gets at least four hours of direct sunlight a day for best results. However, due to demand, I have included supplementary notes on how to grow organic food in pots. You may be better suited to my other online course “Grow Organic Food in Pots.”

As for shade I give you a list of plants that cope with semi-shade. Keep in mind, for best results, plants need a minimum of four hours of sunshine a day.

This is a really great question. While the majority of my students have had a back yard, gardeners who are renting and/or waiting to buy their own home have also had great results. The form your garden takes will depend on your landlord and your lease. I have had many students who have made a small vegetable garden and their landlord has been delighted, because it was adding value to their property. Others have grown plants in pots, raised beds and gorgeous old wheelbarrows so they can take their garden when they move.

he investment involved in making a garden using the methods I teach can be as low as $50 if you have time to search for free materials, so you won’t be ‘wasting’ your money on the landlord’s garden. Plus, it doesn’t take long for a garden to produce enough organic herbs and greens to quickly break even your investment.

So, while you may be put off by the idea of leaving your veggie patch to the next tenant, you will have enjoyed the convenience of having your own organic food right outside for as long as you do live there, and you will save money on your grocery bill every week. Why put off having better, fresher and more nutritious food until ‘someday’ when you own your own home? I believe in starting today, right where you are, that way you’ll have more experience to draw from when you have your own home, plus you’ll enjoy the fruit of your labour in the meantime.

It really depends. If you’re looking for information on crop rotation, grafting, making swales, or building structures other than garden beds in your veggie patch, The Abundant Veggie Patch System does not cover these topics. However, my graduates include “advanced” students who have studied horticulture and have established gardens, but who were looking for a community to reignite their passion, brush up on their gardening skills and be inspired to take action in their veggie patch.

These students completed The Abundant Veggie Patch System and have created their first no-dig gardens, found ways to make better compost that breaks down faster and enjoyed the support of their peers in the program.

While they were already gardeners, they weren’t fully engaged with their gardens and got value from the training, support and community. If you’re growing as much food as you want and consider yourself an expert in organic gardening then there’s no need for you to join The Abundant Veggie Patch System.

You get all the materials, including the videos, audios, checklists and resources as soon as you enroll! So you can get started making your veggie patch this weekend if you choose!
You can either pay in full for $550 (plus GST for Australian residents), or two monthly payments of $285. If you choose the payment plan, you will make the second payment in 30 days.
Yes. I’m fully committed to help you change your garden into an abundant veggie patch. You can test drive the course for a full 30 days. If you do the work and don’t feel I’ve delivered on my promise, I’ll happily refund 100% of your money.

Important: To be eligible for a refund, I require your completed homework from all available modules. Yes, this means YOU must take action in this program. Why? Because I know that if you take action and do the work, you’ll get results. If you do the work and don’t get value, then I don’t deserve your money and I’ll cheerfully refund you 100% of your tuition.

I do this because I’m looking for serious and committed students only. I take my learning environment seriously and maintain a very high standard of positivity, encouragement and inspired, action-oriented learning.


Get the Best Price & Pay in Full or Or Take Advantage of the 2x Month Payment Option of $285 *Plus GST for Australian residents.

PS. Just imagine for a moment…

  • how proud you’d feel harvesting crisp spinach, kale, rocket, lettuce & herbs to make a salad for your family that’s bursting with flavour.
  • relaxing with a freshly brewed herbal tea made with home-grown peppermint or lemongrass.
  • supporting your health with an abundant veggie patch, bursting with flowers, flavour and nutrients just outside your door.

You can have all this and more! And I’d be so honoured to help you get started. Join us in The Abundant Veggie Patch System today and you’ll be reaping the rewards (and harvest) for years to come!!!

I can’t wait to work with you ~ it’s going to be fun!

With love,