5 Signs You Should Take a Creative Retreat Now

Today, let’s explore 5 signs you need a creative retreat. Now, when I’m talking about a creative retreat, I’m not necessarily suggesting that you take a week off and you […]

How to Begin a Creative Project When You’re Afraid of Failure

Hey, Creative Heart! Today, let’s talk about how to begin a creative project when you might be feeling afraid of failure.

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Like to listen instead? Press play […]

5 of the Best Life-Changing Writing Books

Whether you’re writing for business or you’re writing for pleasure, there’s a lot to be said for finding tips about how to write well. In this week’s video I want […]

Paint Your Own Wisdom Cards

I always find beautiful, rewarding things happen when I spend time creating.

I find it nourishes my soul. 

Nourishing in a way that watching TV or a movie can’t possibly compare to. […]

Come on an Outdoor Painting Adventure!

Today, I’ve got something extra special planned for us. I’m inviting you to come on an Outdoor Painting Adventure.

But first, a story.

Yesterday I went for a walk with a […]

How to Get Creative Projects Done

Hey Creative Heart! Today, let’s talk about how to get creative projects done. If you’ve got something you want to birth into the world, let’s break it down into the […]

Common Overthinking Mistake of Creatives

Today, let’s talk about a common overthinking mistake of creatives.

Is overthinking something you identify with? I know for me there are times when I catch myself going, “You know what? […]

My Top 5 Things to Do When Inspiration Runs Dry

Hey Creative Heart!

In this video I’m excited to share with you my top five things to do when inspiration runs dry. We’ve all experienced moments where we want to do […]

4 of the Best Self-Nurturing & Common Sense Living Books

Today, let’s talk about four of the best self-nurturing and common sense living books. These books are ones that sit on my shelf and have brought me so much delight […]

How to Make Anything You Want

Today we’re talking big picture stuff. We’re talking about how to make anything you want. Whether it’s a painting, an outdoor bathtub, a beautiful website or something else entirely, I’m […]