Flourish with Painting & Creativity

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Does your heart long for more creativity in your life (but you don’t know where to begin)?

Awesome! You’re in the right place.
There’s a fun-filled, painting & creative adventure designed just for you.

Flourish with Painting & Creativity is a self-paced, soulful, heart-based online course & supportive community ready to help you break through creative blocks, nurture your creativity & discover the joy of painting with acrylic & oil paints.

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Flourish with Painting & Creativity was so very different to the many other online programs that I’ve participated in. It was FUN. It gave me permission to PLAY. It slowed down my brain and sped up my heart.


The Abundant Veggie Patch System

The-Abundant-Veggie-Patch-System-with-Nicola-Chatham-Cherry-1024x612 copy

The Abun­dant Veg­gie Patch Sys­tem is a com­pre­hen­sive, 5 module, self-paced online gar­den­ing course.

Youll learn how to design, assem­ble and plant your abun­dant organic gar­den using clever strate­gies to save you hours of work and cre­ate a low-maintenance veg­gie patch.

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I LOVED The Abun­dant Veg­gie Patch Sys­tem – it was worth every cent! Even my friends who have been gar­den­ing for decades can’t believe my leap in knowl­edge and gar­den­ing skills.


Grow Organic Food in Pots

Grow-Organic-Food-...in-Pots-with-Nicola-1024x610-copyGrow Organic Food in Pots is a self-paced, online gar­den­ing course that shows you step-by-step, how to make an organic pot­ted gar­den on your bal­cony or patio.

You’ll learn how to set up a worm farm, how to make awesome organic pot­ting mix, what to grow in pots and easy ways to set up auto­matic irrigation.

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Christy-GoodeyGrow Organic Food in Pots has given me the infor­ma­tion and tools to grow enough salad greens for my fam­ily, sav­ing money and lov­ing the flavour of home-grown organic food.