I’m thrilled you’re interested in Flourish with Painting & Creativity, the online training program for nurturing your creativity & developing your painting skills.

My mission is to inspire you to express your incredible creative potential & experience the deep rewards, on a soul level, that come from following your heart’s desire to express yourself, paint & create.

Whether you’re picking up a paint brush for the first time, or adding further breadth to your existing creative practice, I’m here to show you new techniques, tools & loving kindness so you can surprise yourself with what you’re capable of creating.

After inspiring thousands of people on their journey of authentic self expression & creativity, my deepest desire is to inspire you to Flourish in your creative life.

I’m excited to announce Flourish with Painting & Creativity kicks off on Monday 14th November 2016. I invite you to come & join the fun!

With love,
Nicola pink x


Nicola’s desire is to inspire you to unleash your full creative potential so you can experience the incredible rewards of personal, authentic self-expression.

Nicola is an award-winning artist and has held over 14 solo exhibitions around Australia. She’s produced and directed three documentaries on contemporary Australian artists and been commissioned by The Great Barrier Reef Research Foundation, Mirvac, Toyota Finance and private collectors.

She has been featured in Country Style,, The Sunday Mail, and ABC Organic Gardener among others. Through her workshops, speaking and mentoring, Nicola has helped budding artists explore their creativity, master new painting techniques and boldly express their visions in the world.





Flourish with Painting & Creativity is a 10 week online, video-based training program that shows you, step-by-step, how to unleash your creativity, paint with oil & acrylic paints & discover your creative potential.

The program includes options to enroll in a Private Mentorship with Nicola or a Luxury Painting Retreat in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, where you can paint privately with Nicola in her studio.

Painting with Nicola is so much fun.

I absolutely loved expressing myself and having Nicola guide me during the process.

One of the things I admire about Nicola’s art is how each artwork is a piece of her heart. You can see it.

Nicola has the ability to make you feel comfortable, free and playful. Allowing you to let go of your ego and play just like a child. She is a brilliant heartfelt teacher who leads with love and passion.

~ Melissa Ambrosini





“I believe our soul needs nourishment if we want to truly Flourish & have a positive impact in our families, communities & the world.”

Nourishing our soul happens when we allow a delicious mixture of intuition, exploration, curiosity & playfulness into our daily life. In a word: Creativity.

What I’ve learnt as a professional artist over the past decade, is when you let go of everything having to be ‘perfect’ before you begin, miracles occur. That simple principle has supported me in creating an art career, garden, business, documentaries and more. It’s amazing how strengthening your intuition and taking action in the studio flows into creating your own heartfelt success in other areas of your life.

After all, I’ve found being an artist is largely about forgetting what everyone else thinks, tuning into your own heart & paying attention to your curiosities & desires.

And playing. Oh, you must play! Play with your materials. Play with the things that move you. Play with what you love.

What I’m passionate about is not only painting; it’s living a Creative Life. A life that’s full of adventure, exploration, delightful discoveries, self-acceptance, authenticity & following your heart’s desires.

At the crux of it, I believe people who are in touch with their ability to create, are the ones who enjoy greater satisfaction in all areas of their life & have the power to change the world.

Let’s play!

With love,

Nicola pink x

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This program IS for you if:

  • It’s been years since you picked up a paintbrush, but something about painting stirs your soul.
  • You’d love to learn how to paint and express your creativity.
  • You’re a total beginner, or perhaps…
  • You have a creative practice, but would love to be inspired with new techniques.
  • You’d love to spend time being creative with your kids.
  • You want more ‘flow’ and freedom in your life.
  • Learning from a professional artist about how to tap into your unlimited creativity excites you.
  • You love Nicola’s blog, courses, artwork, or interviews and would love a personal way to work together to develop your own creative potential.
  • You desire more playfulness, fun, pleasure, freedom and pure self-expression in your daily life.
  • Exploring creativity as a form of self-care, nourishment for your soul, way to unwind & bravely express your voice sounds like music to your ears

Nicola Newman Art Studio 021


Nicola Newman Art Studio 099

After Flourish with Painting & Creativity you can expect to:

  • Feel confident getting started on a new painting or creative project
  • Be comfortable walking into an art store & know what materials you need
  • Stop feeling like you’re ‘not creative’ & instead embrace your innate creativity
  • Take bold action on the canvas & in your creative life
  • Increase your intuition, imagination, & inspiration
  • Overcome creative blocks & keep creating, joyfully!
  • Express your personal painting style
  • Take the pressure off yourself to be ‘perfect’
  • Mix colours that delight you & are true to your style & personal taste
  • Deal with criticism – both from your inner critic or from others
  • Be present to the beauty, sparkle & details of life, nature and the world
  • Understand the value of being gentle with yourself & have practical tools to do so
  • Write from your heart & develop your unique voice
  • Spend more time being creative with your children, family & friends
  • Use creativity as a form of self-care so you can nourish your soul from the inside out
  • Create paintings you’re proud to hang on your wall



Painting & Creativity’s comprehensive curriculum will unleash your creative heart and turn your painting and artistic dreams into reality.

There are eight inspiring modules in Flourish with Painting & Creativity. Each module includes high-definition video demonstrations from inside my studio, conceptual sessions and Studio Dates where you can embark on your own creative projects in an explorative, safe learning environment.

Plus, you get a library of bonus Artist Mindset Masterclasses and Advanced Trainings to take your art practice to the next level.

When you’re making an investment in your life, I understand it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting. Which is why I share the full curriculum below – so you can be sure this program is right for you.

Nicola Newman Painting6


MODULE 1 ~ STUDIO: Create a Sanctuary Where it’s Safe to Play, Explore & Create

This is where we set up a space where you feel safe to explore all the facets of your creativity without fear of judgements from yourself or others.


  • How to set up your studio space so you flourish. Even if it’s on the kitchen table.
  • How to tweak your work-space to give you better light, more room to paint, and clever storage.
  • Why presence is key for your creativity and painting’s development and exercises to ground yourself in the present moment.
  • How to ‘trust the process’ and be surprised by what you can create.
  • The magic of ‘clearing space’ emotionally, physically and mentally in order to tap into your creative genius.
  • How to surround yourself with support, so you can flourish in your new creative sanctuary.
  • The gift of releasing the fear of ‘mistakes’ and reframing them as adventures into a world of possibilities.
  • Materials you’ll need to begin, and how to find them (unless you get the premium package, which includes art materials posted right to your door!).
  • The almighty useful ‘Get Ready & Stick With It Checklist’ to keep you on track.
  • Fun-filled Studio Dates to set up an inspiring space and set your intentions for the program.

MODULE 2 ~ PLAY: Your Creativity is Waiting

Module Two is where we come back to our centre (the one that got lost as a kid) and experience the pure pleasure, productivity and power, that comes from remembering how to play.


  • Tricks of the Trade to get out of your head and onto the canvas.
  • How to take the pressure off, and let yourself be truly playful.
  • THE surprising prompts I’ve used to produce hundreds of paintings over the years and make blank canvases a whole lot more FUN to play on.
  • Unique exercises to give yourself permission to play.
  • Beginning with simple gestures.
  • Why painting ‘badly’ is actually a good thing.
  • Releasing perfection and embracing playfulness. This truly is the key to a happy (& productive!) life.
  • THE best painting tips around to get started and keep you inspired on your creative journey.
  • How play unlocks the door to accessing flow, experimentation and your unique creativity.
  • Fun-filled Studio Dates where we start to explore more in depth processes with layering and composition.

MODULE 3 ~ ACRYLICS: How to Use Acrylic Paints to Express Your Heart

Want to know how to use acrylic paints in a way that unlocks your creative heart AND look stunning?


  • Everything you need to know about brushes, acrylic paints and more.
  • Which mediums, glazing techniques and compounds I love to use to add variety, texture and luminosity to my paintings. You will be amazed as you see your paintings transform and develop.
  • How to take your paintings to the next level. Jump in beside me as we explore colour mixing, and how to create ‘complex colours’ that express your personal touch (it’s easier than you think!).
  • Painting projects where we’ll work in layers to take the pressure off things being perfect first go, and simultaneously add depth to your work.
  • How to pack a punch! Come with me as I guide you through the processes involved in abstract painting by applying elements such as opacity, translucence, contrast and tone. Plus discover how to bring it all together!
  • Plus joy filled Studio Dates to get you covered in paint and feeling ‘in the flow’.

MODULE 4 ~ OILS: How to Use Oil Paints with Joy & Ease

This is where it gets gooey and potentially messy. Where we take it to the next level of beauty and possibility. Oil paints aren’t for the faint hearted, but I’ll show you how to master them to create paintings you’re proud of.


  • What makes oil paints different, the brands I love to use and why.
  • Brushes and tools that work with oil paints, and what doesn’t.
  • Oil vs water-based paints and what you must know if you want your paintings to last.
  • How to keep your palette and colours ‘clean’, so you can freely create from your heart.
  • Techniques I’ve learnt over many years of painting with oils that will short-cut your learning curve.
  • The importance of understanding how to paint ‘fat over lean’ so your oil paintings don’t crack or wrinkle.
  • The simplest way to clean your tools & brushes after using oil paints.
  • The surprising tools I use painting with oils and why they are my favourite painting implement.
  • How to find and use unusual tools to add variety, spontaneity and definition to your paintings.
  • Fun-filled Studio Dates that will take away the fear of painting with oils, and leave you inspired to keep exploring this delicious medium.

MODULE 5: FREEDOM: Break Out of the Mold & Explore Your World

This is where we’ll discover mindsets and techniques to revel in our freedom of expression both inside the studio, and out.


  • Working with collage, assemblage and fabrics to bring dimension, personal history, authenticity and story to your creative practice.
  • THE most effective way I’ve found to practice non-judgemental creativity and find a road-map to my heart’s desires.
  • Exploring composition and embracing the beauty of imperfection through photographic adventures & expeditions (even your smart-phone will work!)
  • Writing techniques that break through creative blocks and how they can be used to support your painting process.
  • A simple free-style formula that will surprise you with your ability to write meaningful, touching poetry that flows with rhythm.
  • The 3 writing principles I use in my creative practice to unlock stories, meaning, inspiration, clarity and joy in my day-top-day life.
  • Being GENTLE with yourself and discovering why it’s the key to finding freedom in your creativity, work and life.
  • Fun-filled Studio Dates that will get you in touch with the fabric of your life and carve your lineage into your personal history.

MODULE 6 ~ INSPIRATION: Keep the Momentum Going

This is where we’ll develop your unique style and bridge the gap between “I want to be creative” and “I don’t know what to paint.”


  • Why knowing yourself is the key to discovering your rich inspiring life.
  • How to use your intuition to find what inspires you.
  • Using a sketch book and other modern ways to fill your own inspirational ‘well’ first.
  • How you are best supported. Understanding how your materials, environment and tools are your allies.
  • Tricks of the trade: using nature and everyday life as your greatest source of inspiration.
  • The ways I’ve found inspiration and what has had the biggest impact on my painting practice.
  • Fun-filled Studio Dates where not everything has to come from your head! We’ll be diving into the joy of painting out-doors and painting from photographs.

MODULE 7 ~ GROWTH: Develop Your Personal Painting Style

Your painting practice is an evolution of discovery. Personal discovery. Aesthetic discovery. And discovery of your world.


  • Inviting criticism vs protecting yourself from it (and when it’s time to do both).
  • Authentic creative expression and what you should know about learning from creators who’ve gone before you.
  • The secret to developing your personal painting style and the surprising blue-print of how to get there.
  • The value of creative communities and how to find like-minded souls to share your journey with.
  • Following your bliss.
  • Nurturing your paintings, so they can develop their own aesthetic.
  • Self-critique. As an artist this has been an integral part of my art career, and you’ll discover the processes I use to know what direction to explore in my paintings. I’ll guide you through the process to successfully critique your own paintings to propel you forward and explore what creative expressions light you up.
  • Finally, and this is a big one, we’ll cover knowing when to stop.
  • Fun-filled Studio Date where we’ll explore monoprint techniques and enter into a dialogue with the materials, allowing them to make some of the decisions.

MODULE 8 ~ RHYTHMS: Keys to Sustaining Your Creative Life

Creativity doesn’t end in the studio. It permeates your everyday life. We’ll dive into how to sustain your creative life so it carries you into an adventure-filled world of possibilities.


  • How to fit creativity into a busy schedule and easily turn it into a lifestyle rather than a task.
  • How to approach creating as an ecology in your life, instead of something you only do ‘when you’re in the studio’.
  • The value of cultivating rest and play and how it invigorates your creative practice.
  • Why approaching your work with an appreciation of nature’s seasons, can carry you with less effort and more joy through your creative life.
  • The secret to a sustainable creative life (and what you need to be doing regularly to keep yourself ‘in the flow’).
  • Building a creative practice that lights you up – for the long term.
  • Fun-filled Studio Dates to embrace the seasons.


In addition to your eight core training modules, you’ll also receive bonuses videos and advanced trainings to inspire your creative life and take it to the next level of professionalism. Plus fun activities to inspire you to spend time creating with children and inspiration to express your creative heart and share your artwork with the world, if you so choose.


Ever wanted to approach a gallery about your work, but weren’t sure how to go about it? Wonder how to get the confidence to ‘put your work out there’? What are the guidelines and industry protocols when it comes to finding an agent or having an exhibition?
In this bonus video I share my journey to becoming a professional, full-time artist. I also include a list of the institutions and industry resources that helped me along the way.


Want to photograph your paintings so you can keep a record of your artworks, share the images online or submit your artwork for prizes or exhibitions?

There are a number of important steps you need to take to make sure your paintings stay true to form and the colours are accurate. In this bonus training I walk you through step-by-step how I was trained at university to photograph paintings and keep a record of your portfolio.


Making art with kids is one of my favourite things to do. Ever since I was ten I’ve been teaching children fun artistic projects they can do at home.

In this bonus training, I’ll share my best tips for how to set up a successful Children’s Creativity Play-Date and give you practical projects you can try at home. Whether you’re an aunty, parent or grand-parent, these hands-on projects are designed to light you up and inspire you to have a rewarding, fun and creative play date with the children in your life.


Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of an art exhibition? In this video you’ll see the process of hanging my artworks and preparing for the opening night of my exhibition ‘Natural Instincts’ at Anita Traverso Gallery in Melbourne.
You’ll also hear the guest speakers describe my painting practice and get to come along for a night of wine, art and culture.

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Your training is released in weekly Modules within our private, member-only website.

Each module includes high definition training videos from inside my studio, step-by-step Studio Dates, PDF Play Sheets, resource guides and MP3s. You can watch and learn from your computer, or download your modules to your iPad or mobile device.

My goal is to make your learning experience as fun, engaging and easy as possible!

The beauty of online training is you can watch the videos, get your hands dirty & take action right away. Plus, you can re-watch the videos next time you want to try a particular painting process

My goal is to make it easy for your to learn and take action as quickly as possible, which is why the individual lessons are broken into bite-sized-chunks. No more overwhelming or long lessons, these are simple to digest.

We all learn in different ways. Most of us creative types are pretty ‘hands on’ learners, or we like a combination of media to digest. That’s why I include downloadable videos, MP3s, PDF Play Sheets, and resource guides with every module.

It will feel like you’re right in the studio with me as I demonstrate painting & creativity techniques on video, and share my best mindset strategies in every slide presentation.

With over 18 different style and approaches to individual creative projects in Flourish with Painting & Creativity, you’ll find a whole range of approaches, techniques, projects and creative excursions to stimulate your imagination that will open doorways into your creativity.

No more ‘paint-by-numbers’ approach. You’ll discover a whole world of creative possibilities, styles and techniques that will lead you to find your unique and individual self-expression.

Like to watch videos and go through your lessons offline? Awesome, me too. With simple, “all-in-one” zip files you can download a complete module (all the videos, PDFs, Play Sheets, MP3s, etc.) and stay organised while you progress through your program lessons and Studio Dates.


You’ll get access to one Module per week during the course of the ten week program.

To ensure you have time to watch the videos and play with the painting exercises, we also include two full weeks of implementation time. During your implementation weeks, no new content will be released so you have a chance to catch up, review, and play in your studio.


We’re here to help you Flourish in Your Creative Life.

You’re welcome to participate in 2 Modules of Flourish with Painting and Creativity until 5pm (AEST) on Sunday 22nd November 2015 absolutely RISK FREE. If you’re not completely satisfied with the program we’ll happily refund 100% of your money for the online course.

If you invest in Option 2 or Option 3, your refund will be less $800 AUD for the art materials package you would have received. The art materials will be yours to keep.

We’re here to serve the customers who align with our teaching style. We strongly believe in the integrity and value of this program, and stand behind our reputation for delivering practical, engaging and respected online training programs.


Join us in the first 2 Modules of Flourish with Painting and Creativity. If you do the exercises and feel you don’t get value for money or you don’t resonate with our teaching style, we’ll happily refund 100% of your money for the online course.

We’ll ask for your completed exercises so we know you gave it a try, and for your feedback on how we can improve.


Whatever you need help with, our Customer Service Team is easily contacted. Email us at


You’ll be connected to an awesome community of creative people who are passionate about upholding a positive, supportive learning environment.


Try 2 Modules of Flourish with Painting & Creativity, if you undertake the work and aren’t satisfied, we’ll happily refund your money.



Nicola Newman Art Studio 132

As a professional artist, I bring a wide range of experience to the table.

My experience includes:
• 14 solo exhibitions.
• Numerous group exhibitions.
• Representation with galleries around Australia.
• Exhibiting internationally.
• Bachelor of Fine Art from Griffith University.
• Qualified Trainer & Assessor.
• Award winning artist.
• Teaching painting & creativity to adults and children from 4 to 75 years.
• Interviewing and filming 24+ Contemporary Australian artists.
• Producing 3 Documentary films on Contemporary Australian Art.
• Sustaining my career as a professional artist for well over a decade.


Karen Royce

“Before I joined Flourish with Painting & Creativity, I’d always felt like something was missing. There were days where I felt like a pressure cooker. Now, I know what I have to do when I feel like that…..paint!”

When I signed up I was nervous about my creative skills, and thought it could be too advanced and I’d be left behind. But I really needed to find my creativity. I was actually working with a coach and she found I needed an outlet… that same day I found Nicola and her course!

I was looking for ways to overcome creative blocks, feel more expressive and creative, use creativity as a form of self care, discover new creative techniques to express myself and make a studio to support my creative life.

Resistance was a huge part for me when it came to creativity, I just hadn’t recognised it.

What I loved about Flourish with Painting & Creativity was that the training videos had substance. Nicola was very natural, which I totally appreciated. The course really delivered what it said it would.

Now, I know I NEED to be creative……it feels so right. When I’m unable to do so, I feel frustrated and irritated…its quite obvious really! Even my boys say… “Mum have you painted today?” LOL

Painting is not as scary as one thinks it is…it’s liberating!

I loved painting and delving into the mindset of being creative was fantastic. I could watch this stuff forever!


“I really loved art sessions in school and was missing it, so I wanted to have a program to follow to unleash my inner creativity.”

I’ve followed Nicola now for several years & have found her such an inspiration. So when she released this course I truly wanted to be a part of it.

When I paint, I really calm down & I can forget everything around me.

Since the Wabi Sabi session, I walk through my days with open eyes. I enjoy the little things and am happy to see all the “mistakes”.

I’m so grateful for this course.

I recommend Flourish with Painting & Creativity, because Nicola shows you step by step how to do everything, why you’re doing something, and Nicola’s smile is always heartwarming!

~ Jocelyne Clémençon



Jocelyne Clémençon
Emma Shields

“Nicola is a born teacher. She makes it so easy to understand. It’s all simple, in fact she takes Flourish with Painting & Creativity one step further than any other eCourse I’ve done. “

Before Flourish with Painting & Creativity I didn’t think I was creative anymore. I thought my painting sucked & I had no confidence. I didn’t know HOW to do it & that stopped me.

I didn’t have the confidence to pick up a paintbrush or pencil & experiment, & even when I did try, the inner critic crushed my spirit.

What has changed is my mindset. My skills appeared when I freed myself from the inner critic & took a playful, compassionate & experimental approach. My creative practice is now Flourishing!

I’m taking time out for me, daily now.

I’m writing every day, painting weekly & taking better care of myself generally. There’s a lot more joy & creativity in the way I’m living my life. I’m making down time & creative play time a priority & it’s improved my self-care & resilience.

I’m letting go of perfectionism & I’ve learnt it’s okay to do things for the fun of it!

Flourish with Painting & Creativity is really practical. There’s a lot of cool, fun, playful techniques which are complemented by practical & intuitive support for the inner world.

The inclusion of supportive practices such as photography and writing allows you to really enhance & broaden your creative expression & your definition of what creativity actually is.

The community was amazing! I loved the group of like-minded people & it was so great to be able to share our struggles & wins, & see all the different ways in which people channel love onto a canvas <3

I highly recommend Flourish with Painting & Creativity! It’s gifted me with the skills, technical know-how & mindset to actually paint & incorporate it as a regular self-care & creativity practice in my life.

The program’s allowed me to feel pure joy, to get lost in the moment and to make beautiful things that I’m proud to share and hang on my wall.

It’s changed the way I approach my life – with more play and openness. I’m experiencing more flow, rhythm & energy in all areas of my life. I can’t recommend it highly enough!


Flourish with Painting & Creativity is the mother of the essence that Nicola embodies through all the work she has produced before.

Energised and infused with her values of gentleness, creativity, soul, and connection to nature, this is more than painting. After completing this program you will feel more connected to yourself, confident, playful and authentic.

In her usual high-quality style, Nicola has delivered practical ways to get in touch with sides of yourself that many consider intangible and re-ignite your passion for life.

Hayley Carr
Life Coach & Lady of Adventure

Hayley Carr


“When I’m painting I move into a space where time doesn’t matter and I am just here, enjoying.”

There’s always been a tug inside me to paint. I knew nothing on how to and didn’t feel artistic or even if I could produce anything.
Yet I had been noticing colour and nature more than ever and was drawn to paintings that were vibrant and alive. Curiosity peaked I wanted to play with colour and find my style of art.

When I joined Flourish with Painting & Creativity I didn’t think I was creative, but I loved to feel free to be expressive. I had no idea about using paints and wanted to find which medium I wanted to work with.

I wasn’t really looking to do an online course, although I’d decided to explore various mediums to find something I enjoyed. Not having delved into this area before, I was going nowhere. Going into the art supply store and not knowing what to buy…it all looked good and exciting but was confusing at the same time!

I didn’t hesitate to join the program, no questioning, just an inner YES. I loved the Training and Studio Date videos for each module, the PDF Playsheets, the Facebook Community, the content of the program itself and the membership site design was beautiful.

How has my creative life changed since Flourish with Painting & Creativity? Well, I’m enjoying being in my own art world. It’s part of my life that I will continue to “play” in because there’s more than painting happening.
I’m being gentle with myself and loving every moment in my little studio. I don’t feel pressured which I would have in the past to catch up, I simply know painting is now part of what I do.

It is in the doing that I move into a space where time doesn’t matter and I am just here enjoying.

I love the energy, passion and love in what Nicola and Andrew have delivered with Flourish with Painting & Creativity. The presentations are excellent; easy to watch and learn from.

Thank you Nicola and Andrew for your generous, beautiful hearts. It’s been truly wonderful to be a part of your first group of students.


With the perfect mix of patience, objectivity and understanding Nicola has helped me uncover the desires that fuel my passion and worked with me on succinctly making a plan for their achievement.

With her background as an artist and multi-passionate creative and having set up and successfully run her own business, Nicola is in the perfect position to advise and mentor those of us just starting out.

Nicola’s ability to put herself in my shoes was very reassuring and allowed her to point out each of the many paths that were available to me.

Whether you are looking for direction, knowledge or accountability I couldn’t recommend Nicola more highly.

Assisi Chant



One of the things I admire about Nicola is her soulful creativity and how she inspires you to ignite your own individual creative spirit.

Have fun, play, let her run wild!

Yvette Luciano

Earth HQ Founder,

Before I painted with Nicola, it had always been something I’d wanted to try. I’d always drawn a lot, but never really known how to get started with painting.

I’d walk into an art shop with intentions to buy painting materials and would end up feeling overwhelmed and had no idea even what questions to ask.

In the past when I tried painting with oils, it didn’t work as I’d expected and it was really just a battle. I had no idea about mediums and techniques and the whole process turned into a mess!

Since painting with Nicola I’ve gained the confidence to pick up a brush and have a go. I love to pull out a canvas and paint, even when I’m by myself. She’s helped me push through the biggest block, which is putting the first stroke of paint on a canvas.

I’ve been surprised by what I can paint and have developed the ability to make the paint work for me.

Being creative all my life, painting’s provided another huge outlet to explore & feed my creative side.

I can’t wait to keep trying different styles (and as videographer of the course, I’ll be right in there with you!).

Andrew Newman

(Yes, he’s Nicola’s hubby, so ever so slightly biased :))

Andrew Newman

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Each option provides increasing guidance & support to explore, develop & Flourish with Painting & Creativity. Sign up for the option that calls to your heart.

Option #1: Online Program + Community

Nicola Newman Art Studio 127

The Flourish with Painting and Creativity online program will give you the tools to develop your intuition and master practical skills so you can explore a whole world of possibilities in your paintings & creative life.

You’ll be lead through doorways that will open up the gates of your own inspiration and freedom of expression. You’ll be guided to integrate Painting & Creativity into your daily life, refueling your soul with wonder & mystery.

Option #2: Private Mentorship & Art Pack


Option #2 includes quality art materials shipped right to your door, plus a Private Mentorship with Nicola. The art pack includes paints, brushes, mediums & canvases, all personally selected by Nicola.

The mentorship means you can ask Nicolafor feedback on your creative practice or career & gain personal support to flourish in your creative life.

Option #3: Luxury Private Painting Retreat


In addition to the Online Program, Art Pack & Mentorship, you’ll spend 2 full days painting with Nicola in her studio.

Including 3 nights luxury accommodation in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, private transfers to the studio and more, this painting retreat is a once in a lifetime opportunity to work in a professional artist’s studio & be individually guided to create your own personal masterpieces.


Nicola Newman Art Studio 127

Option #1: Online Program

“Discover how to paint with acrylic and oil paints so you can confidently express your creativity.”

The Flourish with Painting and Creativity online program will give you the tools to develop your intuition and master practical skills so you can explore a whole world of possibilities in your artwork. You’ll be lead through doorways that will open up the gates of your own inspiration, freedom of expression and creative heart.

What I love about this course is it combines self-care with creativity and will help you unlock your passion, nurture your inquisitive nature and express your heart. Each week has a new exercise to build your creative muscles so you can move joyfully from abstract painting to painting from photographs, to painting out-doors and more.

You’ll learn how to use processes such as Painting with Presence, Soulful Creativity, Nature Walks and Impulse Writing to connect with your intuition, build your confidence, unleash your joy and create paintings you’re truly proud to hang on your wall.

You’ll learn how to feel brave, peaceful and present while exploring painting with oil and acrylic paints, embarking on personal writing adventures, and photography dates. Once you’ve used these processes with my ongoing guidance, you’ll have the tools to explore your creativity and paint paintings you’re delighted with and proud to hang on your wall.

Option #1 of Flourish with Painting & Creativity includes:

  • Training videos, in 8 modules sent weekly via email
  • ‘Studio Dates’ with exercises for you to discover new techniques and develop your painting skills
  • Access to our private member-only website
  • High-definition video demonstrations from inside my studio
  • Inspiring painting prompts and exercises
  • Audio downloads to listen to on your smart phone or in the car
  • Play sheets, checklists & resources guides to make it easy to refer back to for guidance
  • Access to our private Flourish with Painting & Creativity Facebook group
  • Bonus modules and masterclasses to take your creative life even further
  • Weekly emails to keep your momentum going


Flourish Option #1: Online Program is $750

Choose your payment option below


$750 USD
  • 10 Week Online Program
  • Best Value Price
  • 1 x Payment USD $750


$78 USD
  • 10 Week Online Program
  • Flexible & Affordable
  • 10 x Payments USD $78
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Nicola Newman Art Studio 074

Option #2: Online Program + Art Materials + Mentorship

“You’ll discover the keys to unlocking your creativity and developing your painting practice through private, one-on-one mentoring with Nicola.”

INCLUDES OPTION #1: Flourish with Painting & Creativity Online Program (value $750)

ART MATERIALS: You’ll also receive our exclusive “Premium Everything You’ll Need Art Materials Pack” delivered directly to your door, to save you having to find the art materials you need for the course.

The Materials Pack includes hand-selected art materials, all with my seal of approval, so you can relax and dive right into the exciting adventures of painting with acrylic & oil paints.

Your Art Materials pack will be posted as soon as your first payment has been received. We estimate it will take approximately 7 days for postage.

PRIVATE MENTORSHIP: We’ll get on the phone or Skype and move gently through any creative blocks you’re facing, answer specific questions you have about materials or processes and delve into the emotional aspect of creating that’s just as important as the practical.

I’ll guide you to examine beliefs you may have about not being creative, move through limiting doubts and fears, & explore common creativity roadblocks, & ultimately, help guide you back to your own inner wisdom so you can trust your instincts & Flourish with your creativity.

Option #2 of Flourish with Painting & Creativity includes:

  • Includes Option #1: Painting & Creativity Online Program (value $590)
  • Private Mentorship with Nicola.
  • 4 Private Skype or phone calls with Nicola to move gently through creative blocks & challenges, limiting beliefs, fears and doubts so you can truly Flourish with painting & creativity.
  • Exclusive “Premium Every-thing You’ll Need Art Materials Pack” (Art materials posted to your door, so you don’t have to even leave the house!)
  • Oil Painting Materials including canvases, paints, brushes, mediums, palette knives and more.
  • Acrylic Painting Materials including paper, paints, brushes, acrylic painting mediums.
  • Drawing Materials including charcoal, pencils and pens.
  • Writing journal & sketch pad.
  • Plus a whole lot of encouragement, attention & support.

Flourish Option #2: Mentoring Package is $2500

Choose your payment option below


$2500 USD
  • Private Mentoring with Nicola
  • Art Materials Pack ($800 Value)
  • 10 Week Online Program
  • Best Value Price
  • 1 x Payment USD $2500


$550 USD
  • Private Mentoring with Nicola
  • Art Materials Pack ($800 Value)
  • 10 Week Online Program
  • Flexible & Affordable
  • 5 x Payments USD $550
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Option #3: Online Program + One-on-One Painting Retreat

“Enjoy a luxurious one-on-one studio retreat where you get to paint with Nicola in her private art studio and enjoy 3 nights in a luxury resort in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.


INCLUDES OPTION #1: Flourish with Painting & Creativity Online Program (value $750)

INCLUDES OPTION #2: Art Materials + Mentorship (value $2500)

Your Art Materials pack will be posted as soon as your first payment has been received. We estimate it will take approximately 7 days for postage.

PRIVATE RETREAT: You’ll paint on premium canvases in the inspiring surroundings, with Nicola’s reassuring presence so you can ask questions and get direct feedback as you paint.

Whether you’re a professional painter looking for inspiration, a complete beginner looking for a fun way to jump start your creative life, or any level in between, this heart-centered and practical retreat offers a broad range of tools to guide you in your painting & creative life.

Throughout the retreat Nicola will demonstrate many of her personal painting techniques and offer guidance with your own paintings and style.

Level #3 of Flourish with Painting & Creativity includes:

  • Includes Option #1: Painting & Creativity Online Program (value $590)
  • Includes Option #2: Art Materials + Private Mentorship (value $2000)
  • Exclusive “Premium Everything You’ll Need Art Materials Pack”.
  • Private Mentorship with Nicola.
  • Two full days painting one-on-one with Nicola in her art studio.
  • Three nights accommodation for 2 people at a luxury resort in Noosa, Queensland. (So you could bring your partner or a friend and meet them for dinner in Noosa after you’ve spent the day painting).
  • Transfers to and from the resort to Nicola’s art studio.
  • Guidance to paint up to four paintings in the styles of your choice.
  • A selection of Nicola’s favourite canvases, oil & acrylic paints.
  • Palettes, mediums, and additional painting resources to use during the retreat.
  • Morning Tea, Lunch & Afternoon Tea during the 2 days painting in Nicola’s studio.
  • A new, joyful approach to painting & creativity to last a lifetime!

Go all the way, sign up now!

Flourish Option #3: Retreat is $5500

Choose your payment option below


$5500 USD
  • Private Painting Retreat
  • 3 x Nights Luxury Accommodation in Noosa
  • Private Mentoring with Nicola
  • Art Materials Pack ($800 Value)
  • 10 Week Online Program
  • Best Value Price
  • 1 x Payment USD $5500


$1900 USD
  • Private Painting Retreat
  • 3 x Nights Luxury Accommodation in Noosa
  • Private Mentoring with Nicola
  • Art Materials Pack ($800 Value)
  • 10 Week Online Program
  • Flexible & Affordable
  • 3 x PaymentS USD $1900
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Spending a couple of days with Nicola painting in her studio was one of the most liberating and therapeutic experiences of my life.

At the time, I was grieving the loss of a dear friend and wanted to channel my emotions onto the canvas.

Nicola not only taught me some great painting techniques, but she gave me the permission I needed to get messy, make mistakes and to let go of how I “think” it’s meant to be. I’m so fortunate to call Nicola a dear friend, and I’m so grateful to be a frequent guest at her studio for some art therapy and good times.

Susana Frioni

Flourish with Painting & Creativity is a chance for you to get in touch with your creative heart and deeply connect with yourself in a fun way.

I absolutely love Nicola and the experience of painting with her opened up a new way of expressing myself.

I was so surprised by how moving it was to simply let go and paint and I couldn’t have even tried it without Nicola’s gentle guidance.

For me, exploring creativity in this way was more about letting go of inhibitions and finding a new way to ‘speak up’ – something I struggle with at times. It has helped me in all areas of my life and I can’t thank Nic enough for that.

After going through the program, you’ll feel proud, energised and, I dare say, free.

Amanda Rootsey

Amanda Rootsey


“Before my private painting retreat with Nicola and the Flourish online program I was feeling dead creatively.

Thank you for bringing me back to life, I feel like a giddy kid again, delighted by colour, texture and so many possibilities.”

My business had experienced massive growth and I could no longer afford the time to noodle about coming up with design solutions. In fact, I was deep in a mourning phase and so the offer of Flourish with Painting & Creativity and the one-on-one retreat came at the perfect moment.

What have I discovered from this experience? That painting is about my creative inner life. There’s no defined end goal in mind, which is perfect! Creativity is a a continuing conversation, not a statement.

I love art. Always have. I’ve drawn, painted, written, sketched, coloured in and created since I was able to grasp a pen but for the past 20 years since I left uni, kick-started my career and launched my own business, my creative output to feed my soul was sporadic at best.

Before the program I was worried I would produce artwork I deemed “crap”. But now, rather than just consuming art and standing in front of my favourite artists, sighing, wishing I could do art, I now have the confidence to produce art of my own. The non-judgemental type of art, with no planned outcome and just doing something for me, by me.

I can’t overstate the benefits this program has provided me.

Thank you for bringing me back to life, I feel like a giddy kid again, delighted by colour, texture and so many possibilities.

I haven’t stabbed anyone with a pencil (energetically) since doing the program. I’m more sanguine too as I feel I have a creative, safe outlet for my feelings. Since painting more I’m feeling… wondrous about the world around me and what I’m capable of!

I reckon your creative spirit has a direct link to your soul and this is a perfect course to tap into your rich inner life. So much good stuff lives in this course and you won’t be the same person you were when you started the program. In a good way.

Andrew and Nicola, when can I move in?

Kidding! 🙂

I’m so looking forward to my next painting retreat with you guys.



The beauty of painting & creativity is you don’t need to have a lot of space to play. I’ve made entire exhibitions on my kitchen table and my very first studio was literally dug out under my rented Queenslander home (to give me enough headroom to stand up!).

The exercises I teach in Flourish with Painting & Creativity are totally doable no matter whether you have a spare room, the luxury of your own studio space or are simply using a wall in your garage.

I’ve created Flourish with Painting & Creativity to be perfect for beginners.

If you feel you’ve never been able to express your creativity, are looking to be creative with your children, of if you’d like to learn painting as a totally new skill, this course will be perfect for you.

I take you right through the basics in a fun and engaging way, so you can get your confidence up and ‘wins on the board’ making beautiful paintings right from the beginning of the program.

I’ve taught doctors, lawyers, yogis, public servants, retirees, kids under 5, veterinary surgeons and town planners how to paint and express their innate creativity.

You don’t have to have any art experience to do this course. I’ll teach you how to tap into the creative potential you may never even know you had.

You’ll have a whole new world of art, painting and creativity open up to you. And it will be great fun!

As a fellow creative, I know what it’s like to look for fresh inspiration.

We can all learn from each other and I promise to share with you a whole collection of techniques I’ve developed over the years to keep me engaged with my career and artistic process. I’ve never been one to keep painting in the same style for decades, and have instead tried a broad range of styles, techniques and processes which I share freely in the course.

If you’re looking for fresh inspiration, you’re in the right place.

The other aspect of Flourish with Painting & Creativity I’m very excited to share with you are my mindsets, tools and ‘nurturing’ routines that help me stay in the flow, not wear myself out and instead use my creativity as a form of nourishing self-care. It can be so easy as a professional artist to push yourself until the well of inspiration is dry, and in this course I share what I’ve found helpful to keep myself inspired and in love with the process of creating.

My aim with Flourish with Painting & Creativity is to offer you a broad range of painting styles, and not just teach you one way to paint. So rather than having you follow me with a ‘paint by numbers’ approach where you copy each of my brush strokes, I’ll give you demonstrations of painting techniques and provide you with processes you can play with in your own ‘studio dates’ to develop your skills and explore your unique creative expression.

We’ll be exploring everything from abstract painting, painting out-doors, painting from photographs, collage, writing, photography and mindfulness to help you unlock your own creative potential and discover what lights you up.

You can download all the modules and high definition videos to your computer, which means you can return to the course after you’ve explored a particular style and try a different technique, giving you practical inspiration in your painting and creative life for years to come.

We begin the course with abstract painting and then move into a module which shows you how I paint from photographs.

It takes practice to paint anything that looks realistic, and depending on your experience you may pick it up quickly or it could be a new challenge. However to make it as easy as possible, I’ll show you exactly the tools and techniques I’ve used to help me achieve results with greater ease and joy than if I’d tried to paint scenes purely from my memory.

I’ll also give you practical tips to control the paint, keep your colours fresh and get your perspective right so you can create paintings that look realistic and beautiful.

We have a beautiful private Facebook group where you can post photos of your paintings as they develop, ask questions of the group and receive my encouraging support.

If you decide to invest in Option #2 or Option #3 you will also receive private mentoring with me.

We’ll get on the phone or Skype and move gently through any creative blocks you’re facing, answer specific questions you have about materials or processes and delve into the emotional aspect of creating that’s just as important as the practical.

I’ll help you rewrite the beliefs you may have about not being creative, move through limiting doubts and fears, and solve common creativity roadblocks (lack of time to create, finding inspiration, developing your confidence) and ultimately, guide you back to your own inner wisdom so you can trust your instincts and flourish with your creativity.

I’ve found these lessons have helped in all aspects of my life (business, relationships, health, choosing where to live) and it would be my honour to pass them on to you.

Flourish with Painting & Creativity begins 14th November 2016.

Enrollments close 13th November 2016.

I’ve created the course so you can never ‘fall behind.’

You have access to our private membership website for the life of the program (meaning years to come) and can download all the content to your computer to refer to in your own time.

While the engagement in the course and the private Facebook group is usually highest when the course is being delivered ‘live’, you can always access the materials and are encouraged to do the activities at your own pace.

I’ve personally found the benefits of painting and creativity to overflow into all areas of my life.

I’m a better, more present, compassionate and fun-loving friend when I’ve spent time with my own heart expressing myself.

My health has benefited too. In fact, creativity is proven to help with our health. In 2010, the American Journal of Public Health published a review titled, The Connection Between Art, Healing, and Public Health. The researchers found engaging in art forms led to:

  • “Improved well being by decreasing negative emotions and increasing positive ones”
  • “Improved medical outcomes, trends toward reduced depression”
  • “Reductions in stress and anxiety; increases in positive emotions”
  • “Reductions in distress and negative emotions”
  • “Improvements in flow and spontaneity, expression of grief, positive identity, and social networks”

I’m a more decisive and productive business owner as a result of expressing my creativity. Because I’ve built the muscle of trusting myself and my instincts in my creative pursuits, it’s strengthened my intuition and convictions when it comes to designing products, programs and a business that are in alignment with my values.

Creativity also increases my satisfaction, delight, clarity, confidence and compassion as it brings me into touch with the wonder of daily life. Just as it’s been proven to do so for thousands of others. I think you’ll be surprised by how many diverse and important areas of your life will flourish as a result of expressing your creativity.

I’m happy to say you have a full 14 days from the beginning of Module 1 to test-drive the program.

However, if within the first 14 days, you find the program isn’t working for you, and you have completed the materials and exercises delivered so far, let me know, and your tuition will be refunded (less $800 for art materials if you have chosen Option #2 or Option #3. You will still get to keep your bonus art materials pack).

Yes! I know heaps of men who love to paint (my husband included) and have taught men of all ages (literally boys to men) how to paint and be more creative.

The course content does have a feminine flavour since I’m the one teaching, but if you like my style I’m sure you’ll be comfortable and thoroughly enjoy the program. The aim of the course is for you to discover your own style and is not a paint by numbers approach. Meaning you’ll be encouraged to develop your own unique artwork that reflects your passions.

I haven’t targeted the course for men or women, but instead anyone who is keen to learn new creative skills, discover the joy of painting and develop their confidence to express themselves.

It would be fantastic to have both men and women join in the fun!

I believe nurturing our children’s creativity is SO important, so I’ve made an entire bonus called “Creating with Children: Guide to Playdates” in which I show you my best tips for how to set up successful Children’s Creativity Play-Dates you can try at home.

You’ll be able to impart the skills you develop in the program directly to children; practical painting skills, confidence to try new things, and mindsets that nurture the innate creativity inherent in all young people.

Whether you’re an aunty or uncle, parent or grand-parent, these hands-on projects are designed to light you up and inspire you to have rewarding, fun and creative play dates with the children in your life.

While the exercises and Studio Dates in the Modules are designed for you to dive into on your own, there will be plenty of activities you may like to get your children involved with.

Nicola Newman Art Studio 002

Flourish with Painting & Creativity was so very different to the many other online programs that I’ve participated in. It was FUN. It gave me permission to PLAY. It slowed down my brain and sped up my heart.

Over the past year, I’ve started to feel a real urge to embrace and foster my creativity. I’d done so in writing, but I wanted to expand this – to connect to myself and my heart in new ways. I was looking for a painting course that would help with this, and when I saw Nicola was creating one, I just know that it would be exactly what I was looking for.

This course gave me permission to take time out for me and to connect to my creative expression. Before the course, my brain told me that I wasn’t visually creative – for example, I could write, but I couldn’t paint or draw. However, I had this yearning or tug in my heart telling me this wasn’t true and that Nicola’s course would help me fully realise and own this.

I now KNOW that I am creative.
I now know that if I continue to ‘train’ my creative muscle that my skills, confidence, and creative breadth will continue to grow. I see the world differently now – with a new appreciation and presence. I’m more playful, more joyful, more adventurous. I’m making more time for me – to paint, to create, to connect, to explore, to be.

I went from not having picked up a paint brush since school, to suddenly loving the paint brush so much, that I’d miss it when we’d been apart for a while (hehe). Plus I really noticed taking time out to paint and be creative opened up parts in my brain that inspired new ideas and possibilities for my business and work – and other aspect of my future.

I also noticed a big change in my family life. My new love for painting and creativity was contagious. Family members started to join in. We’d laugh together, make a mess together, and play together. Oh so much fun!

I loved the course so much, and Nicola & Andrew’s beautiful natures and essences so flowed through to the content and experience. All I can say is thank you.

I absolutely recommend Flourish with Painting & Creativity to others. In fact, I will sing its praises from the rooftops!
It’s an incredible course, so different to anything I have experienced, and will teach people to feel confident and open in their creative expression, and connect to themselves and others in the process.
It would be a crime for me to not tell people about it – hiding a secret to learning to play more and experience more joy in your life – my goodness, I’d never forgive myself. I just want to say thank you. Nicola and Andrew, you have both created something amazing here, and I feel so very blessed to have experienced it.



Testimonials Square 4


Being creative is one of our soul’s deepest callings.

Creativity is our first language. It connects us to something much greater than ourselves.

In our fast-paced world, we all need ‘down time’ to refresh and refill our well. Being able to tap into my creativity & spend time painting leaves me feeling more in touch with my heart, desires & true essence than anything else.

Flourish with Painting & Creativity can change your life. This program has supported women all around the world, and can help YOU reconnect with your heart, freedom & joyful self-expression.

If your heart is calling you, and you’d love to come on this adventure with me, I encourage you to say “YES!”

Give yourself the gift of self expression. Refill your well, and you’ll feel the benefits across every aspect of your life.

Painting & Creativity truly is nourishment for your soul.

It would be my delight to work with you to nurture YOUR creativity. Click the button below to enrol now, and I’ll see you inside the program!

With love,

Nicola pink x

Nicola Newman Art Studio 135