Herb Starter Pack

Do you want to easily grow delicious herbs & greens for your green juices, salads, soups & herbal teas? Are you tired of having your herbs turn into ‘dried arrangements’ in pots before you can harvest them? Do you secretly want to feel the sat­is­fac­tion of say­ing “I grew that!”?

You can!

If you follow the steps in this ebook you’ll be successfully harvesting your own herbs from pots in less than 14 days.

Most people plant herbs when they begin gardening, which is great because herbs are the perfect place to start! Beginner gardener or not, herbs will reward you with flavour, nutrition & beauty. They’ll also save you money at the grocery store & bless your soul with delight.

However, there are tricks to making herbs grow abundantly. Especially if you don’t want to use pesticides or chemicals to deal with pests, but instead grow your plants organically (pssst… organic gardening isn’t as hard as it sounds ~ it’s what our ancestors successfully did for centuries ~ and I love teaching beginner gardeners how easy it is!).

Imagine what it feels like to:

  • Wake up in the morning & pick peppermint leaves for your fresh herbal tea
  • Know the kale & spinach in your green juice are full of nutrients & minerals because you picked them minutes before, instead of days or weeks ago when they were packed, transported & sat wilting on a grocery store shelf.
  • Walk onto your balcony or lean over your windowsill to harvest sweet basil for your lunch

These days people are looking for a more simple, nourishing way of life. Growing herbs & greens is so rewarding & attainable it’s what down-to-earth people all around the world are doing in their homes, on their balconies & in their court-yards right now.

The thing is, when you grow herbs & greens you get to enjoy eating the freshest, healthiest food possible & have a garden that gives you personal satisfaction & nutritious food every day of the week.


Having your own herb garden is awesome!

You know, I created a potted herb garden on my balcony that is so easy to look after I barely have to lift a finger except to harvest herbs for my meals. I love how simple it is to maintain, adore eating lemon thyme, sweet basil, rosemary, parsley & chives in my meals & think it’s just the prettiest thing to look at through my living room window.

But how did I do it? How did I make a herb garden that’s so low-maintenance, beautiful & abundant? Well, in this ebook I’m going to teach you how.

And it’s funny because there is one process most people don’t do & yet it’s the most important piece of the puzzle. I can’t wait to teach you how to grow abundant herbs & greens.

Let’s dive in!


What you will get from this ebook…

  • 11 Strategies to deal with pests & bugs without using chemicals.
  • How to have an abundant potted herb garden that doesn’t take a lot of time and energy, but instead fits into your busy schedule.
  • An indoor, or outdoor potted garden bursting with nutritious herbs and greens, no matter where you live (America, Europe, Asia or Down-Under ~ you can grow herbs anywhere).
  • Practical knowledge of how to improve or make your own awesome ‘super-charged’ organic potting mix.
  • Basic knowledge on what is good for your potting soil, and what causes damage to not only your garden, but also your health.
  • Confidence when planting seeds & seedlings so they not only grow, but actually flourish.
  • The number one mistake most people make when they plant seedlings, and the simple way to avoid it.
  • Delighted taste-buds & satisfied soul. A sanctuary of nature, at home.


Grow Abundant Herbs & Greens in Pots Features …

:: My Story

:: Why I Love Growing Herbs & Greens in Pots

:: Where to Put Your Pots: ‘Finding Your Sweet Spot’

:: These Babies Need You!

:: Gone Potty

:: Rosina’s Awesome Potting Mix Recipe

:: Don’t Break Your Seedling’s Neck!

:: Going Deep: Planting From Seed

:: Watering & Feeding Your Plants

:: How to Grow an Indoor Herb Garden

:: 45 Herbs & Greens for Dynamic Flavour & Health

:: 11 Strategies to ‘Pest & Pet Proof’ Your Potted Garden

:: ‘Augh I Killed My Basil!’ + Why That Isn’t Necessarily True

:: The 4 Secrets to Growing Coriander

:: Your Herb Garden Shopping List

:: Weekly Garden Check-List

:: How to Make Fresh, Home-Grown Herbal Tea

:: Organic Gardening Resources

:: Want to Grow More Organic Food?


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