Which Paint Brushes to Use for Acrylic & Oil Paints

Often when people are just starting painting, they experience the same phenomena of walking into an art supply shop and being overwhelmed with the number of brushes available. In this video I want to go through the different brushes I use and I recommend you get to get started with painting, or to expend the collection of brushes you already have. Let's get started. I know how intoxicating, and also [...]

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How Caring for Your Soul Expands Your Creativity

Today I want to talk about caring for your soul, why it's important and how it can help you to flourish in your creative life. When we get tired, restless, bored or upset, it’s especially useful to check in with yourself to see what your soul needs. Whether you call it your inner child, your heart or your soul, being kind yourself naturally overflows into being more creative, because it [...]

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7 Habits that Make My Creative Life Flourish

This week we're talking about seven habits that make my creative life flourish. We’re covering a broad range of mindsets and tools I want to share with you, so let's dive in. Content 2 Like to listen instead? Press play below: Video Transcript: 7 Habits the Make My Creative Life Flourish Habit #1. Checking in with and being honest with myself. I try and do this regularly, [...]

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3 Things that Don’t Need to be Perfect in your Creative Life

Today, we're looking at 3 things that really don't need to be perfect in your creative life. Thank goodness for that! So instead of feeling blocked or as though you have to wait until the future before you’re able to express your creativity, you can get started today! Content 2 Like to listen instead? Press play below: Video Transcript: 3 Things that Don't Need to be Perfect [...]

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7 of the Best Life-Changing Creativity Books

Let's talk about creativity books! I absolutely love reading and, of course, creativity is one of my favorite subjects. So today I wanted to share with you 7 of my favorite creativity books that are on my shelf right now,  that I refer to again and again over the years to have a pick me up and to find inspiration in my creative life. Content 2   Like to [...]

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A Cuppa & Chat with Katherine Mackenzie-Smith

A few weeks back I had the absolute pleasure to talking with the very lovely Katherine Mackenzie-Smith for her podcast "The League of Extraordinary Introverts". I always love doing podcast interviews, and this one was particularly satisfying. I felt like I was talking with an old friend (even though we'd never met before) and we were on the same page about so many things to do with creativity. We talked [...]

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Can Anyone Be Creative?

When people ask what I do, I say I'm an artist, and I also teach painting & creativity. To which they often respond by asking if I think anyone can be creative. And, while I could make you wait for my answer to this question, I don't want to use fancy curiosity ploys to keep you reading. Because YES! I do believe anyone can be creative. I've noticed there's a [...]

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4 Simple Steps to Just Let Go & Paint!

Hey Creative Heart! Are you scared of just letting go and painting? Perhaps you have a real desire to begin, but a sense of perfectionism holds you back? This week I’ve got a sequence of steps I personally use for all kinds of creative projects, to help me get out of inertia and into action! Content 2 Like to listen instead? Press play below: Video Transcript: 4 [...]

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How to Find Inspiration for Your Creative Life

Hey Creative Heart! If you've ever sat down and wondered, "What the heck am I going to paint?" Or, "I'd love to make something and be creative but I don't know what to do," watch this week's video (or read the transcript below!) because I've got some really juicy tips for you on how to find inspiration in your creative life. Content 2   Like to listen instead? Press [...]

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Spontaneous Road Trip Adventures 2016 – Part 2

One of the many nourishing things we explore in our online program, Flourish with Painting & Creativity, is how to nurture your creativity by knowing exactly what inspires you, personally, through The Picture of You. Either to new or revisited places, near or far, it doesn't matter, I just have to see places other than my own front door. Especially the bush, mountains and water. Those elements pop up in [...]

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