Flourish with Painting & Creativity was so very different to the many other online programs that I’ve participated in. It was FUN. It gave me permission to PLAY. It slowed down my brain and sped up my heart.

Over the past year, I’ve started to feel a real urge to embrace and foster my creativity. I’d done so in writing, but I wanted to expand this – to connect to myself and my heart in new ways. I was looking for a painting course that would help with this, and when I saw Nicola was creating one, I just know that it would be exactly what I was looking for.
It made me feel so very connected to it’s special creators and team – despite never having met them!

This course gave me permission to take time out for me and to connect to my creative expression. Before the course, my brain told me that I wasn’t visually creative – for example, I could write, but I couldn’t paint or draw. However, I had this yearning or tug in my heart telling me this wasn’t true and that Nicola’s course would help me fully realise and own this.

I now KNOW that I am creative.
I now know that if I continue to ‘train’ my creative muscle that my skills, confidence, and creative breadth will continue to grow. I see the world differently now – with a new appreciation and presence. I’m more playful, more joyful, more adventurous. I’m making more time for me – to paint, to create, to connect, to explore, to be.

I went from not having picked up a paint brush since school, to suddenly loving the paint brush so much, that I’d miss it when we’d been apart for a while (hehe). Plus I really noticed taking time out to paint and be creative opened up parts in my brain that inspired new ideas and possibilities for my business and work – and other aspect of my future.

I also noticed a big change in my family life. My new love for painting and creativity was contagious. Family members started to join in. We’d laugh together, make a mess together, and play together. Oh so much fun!

I loved the course so much, and Nicola & Andrew’s beautiful natures and essences so flowed through to the content and experience. All I can say is thank you.

I absolutely recommend Flourish with Painting & Creativity to others. In fact, I will sing its praises from the rooftops!
It’s an incredible course, so different to anything I have experienced, and will teach people to feel confident and open in their creative expression, and connect to themselves and others in the process.
It would be a crime for me to not tell people about it – hiding a secret to learning to play more and experience more joy in your life – my goodness, I’d never forgive myself. I just want to say thank you. Nicola and Andrew, you have both created something amazing here, and I feel so very blessed to have experienced it. 




Painting with Nicola is so much fun. 

I absolutely loved expressing myself and having Nicola guide me during the process.

One of the things I admire about Nicola’s art is how each artwork is a piece of her heart. You can see it.

Nicola has the ability to make you feel comfortable, free and playful. Allowing you to let go of your ego and play just like a child. She is a brilliant heartfelt teacher who leads with love and passion.




Before my private painting retreat with Nicola and the Flourish online program I was feeling dead creatively.

My business had experienced massive growth and I could no longer afford the time to noodle about coming up with design solutions. In fact, I was deep in a mourning phase and so the offer of Flourish with Painting & Creativity and the one-on-one retreat came at the perfect moment.

What have I discovered from this experience? That painting is about my creative inner life. There’s no defined end goal in mind, which is perfect! Creativity is a a continuing conversation, not a statement.

I love art. Always have. I’ve drawn, painted, written, sketched, coloured in and created since I was able to grasp a pen but for the past 20 years since I left uni, kick-started my career and launched my own business, my creative output to feed my soul was sporadic at best.

Before the program I was worried I would produce artwork I deemed “crap”. But now, rather than just consuming art and standing in front of my favourite artists, sighing, wishing I could do art, I now have the confidence to produce art of my own. The non-judgemental type of art, with no planned outcome and just doing something for me, by me.

Although I’ve completed only the first module and the private weekend retreat, I can’t overstate the benefits this program has provided me.

Thank you for bringing me back to life, I feel like a giddy kid again, delighted by colour, texture and so many possibilities.

I haven’t stabbed anyone with a pencil (energetically) since doing the program. I’m more sanguine too as I feel I have a creative, safe outlet for my feelings. Since painting more I’m feeling… wondrous about the world around me and what I’m capable of!

I reckon your creative spirit has a direct link to your soul and this is a perfect course to tap into your rich inner life. So much good stuff lives in this course and you won’t be the same person you were when you started the program. In a good way.

Andrew and Nicola, when can I move in?

Kidding! 🙂

I’m so looking forward to my next painting retreat with you guys.


Jocelyne Clémençon

“I really loved art sessions in school and was missing it, so I wanted to have a program to follow to unleash my inner creativity.”

I’ve followed Nicola now for several years & have found her such an inspiration. So when she released this course I truly wanted to be a part of it.

I haven’t yet done every session in the course. I had a busy summer time and will come back during the fall. But I learned I shouldn’t be harsh with myself and when I painted, I felt peaceful and grounded.

When I paint, I really calm down and I can forget everything around me.

Since the Wabi Sabi session, I walk through my days with open eyes. I enjoy the little things and am happy to see all the “mistakes”.

I’m so grateful for this course.

I recommend Flourish with Painting & Creativity, because Nicola shows you step by step how to do everything, why you’re doing something, and Nicola’s smile is always heartwarming!

~  Jocelyne Clémençon



Karen Royce

“Before I joined Flourish with Painting & Creativity, I’d always felt like something was missing. There were days where I felt like a pressure cooker. Now, I know what I have to do when I feel like that…..paint!”

When I signed up I was nervous about my creative skills, and thought it could be too advanced and I’d be left behind. But I really needed to find my creativity. I was actually working with a coach and she found I needed an outlet… that same day I found Nicola and her course!

I was looking for ways to overcome creative blocks, feel more expressive and creative, use creativity as a form of self care, discover new creative techniques to express myself and make a studio to support my creative life.

I was also looking for inspiration to set up routines to be more creative in my life and practical tools to listen to my heart. Resistance was a huge part for me when it came to creativity, I just hadn’t recognised it.

What I loved about Flourish with Painting & Creativity was that the training videos had substance and there’s lots of information. The program delivered what it was meant to deliver and Nicola was very natural, which I totally appreciated. I’ve signed on for things similar before, though I felt they never really came through. I always felt wanting for the dollars I’d handed over.

Now, I know I NEED to be creative……it feels so right. When I’m unable to do so, I feel frustrated and irritated…its quite obvious really! Even my boys say… “Mum have you painted today?” LOL

Painting is not as scary as one thinks it is…it’s liberating!

We’re building a shed and I’ll have a designated part to myself now. Where as living with four men in the same household, there was just no room for being creative before.

I loved the painting side of things and also delving into the mindset of being creative was fantastic. I’d love to see more of Nicola painting and her process… I could watch this stuff forever!



“When I’m painting I move into a space where time doesn’t matter and I am just here, enjoying.”

There’s always been a tug inside me to paint. I knew nothing on how to and didn’t feel artistic or even if I could produce anything.
Yet I had been noticing colour and nature more than ever and was drawn to paintings that were vibrant and alive. Curiosity peaked I wanted to play with colour and find my style of art.

When I joined Flourish with Painting & Creativity I didn’t think I was creative, but I loved to feel free to be expressive. I had no idea about using paints and wanted to find which medium I wanted to work with.

I wasn’t really looking to do an online course, although I’d decided to explore various mediums to find something I enjoyed. Not having delved into this area before, I was going nowhere. Going into the art supply store and not knowing what to buy…it all looked good and exciting but was confusing at the same time!

I didn’t hesitate to join the program, no questioning, just an inner YES. I loved the Training and Studio Date videos for each module, the PDF Playsheets, the Facebook Community, the content of the program itself and the membership site design was beautiful.

How has my creative life changed since Flourish with Painting & Creativity? Well, I’m enjoying being in my own art world. It’s part of my life that I will continue to “play” in because there’s more than painting happening.
I’m being gentle with myself and loving every moment in my little studio. I don’t feel pressured which I would have in the past to catch up, I simply know painting is now part of what I do.

It is in the doing that I move into a space where time doesn’t matter and I am just here enjoying.

I love the energy, passion and love in what Nicola and Andrew have delivered with Flourish with Painting & Creativity. The presentations are excellent; easy to watch and learn from.

Thank you Nicola and Andrew for your generous, beautiful hearts. It’s been truly wonderful to be a part of your first group of students.


Emma Shields

“Nicola is a born teacher. She makes it so easy to understand. It’s all simple, in fact she takes Flourish with Painting & Creativity one step further than any other eCourse I’ve done. “

Before Flourish with Painting & Creativity I didn’t think I was creative anymore. I thought my painting sucked & I had no confidence. I didn’t know HOW to do it & that stopped me.

I didn’t have the confidence to pick up a paintbrush or pencil & experiment, & even when I did try, the inner critic crushed my spirit.

What has changed is my mindset. My skills appeared when I freed myself from the inner critic & took a playful, compassionate & experimental approach. My creative practice is now Flourishing!

I’m taking time out for me, daily now.

I’m writing every day, painting weekly & taking better care of myself generally. There’s a lot more joy & creativity in the way I’m living my life. I’m making down time & creative play time a priority & it’s improved my self-care & resilience.

I’m letting go of perfectionism & I’ve learnt it’s okay to do things for the fun of it!

Flourish with Painting & Creativity is really practical. There’s a lot of cool, fun, playful techniques which are complemented by practical & intuitive support for the inner world.

The inclusion of supportive practices such as photography and writing allows you to really enhance & broaden your creative expression & your definition of what creativity actually is.

The community was amazing! I loved the group of like-minded people & it was so great to be able to share our struggles & wins, & see all the different ways in which people channel love onto a canvas <3

I highly recommend Flourish with Painting & Creativity! It’s gifted me with the skills, technical know-how & mindset to actually paint & incorporate it as a regular self-care & creativity practice in my life.

The program’s allowed me to feel pure joy, to get lost in the moment and to make beautiful things that I’m proud to share and hang on my wall.

It’s changed the way I approach my life – with more play and openness. I’m experiencing more flow, rhythm & energy in all areas of my life. I can’t recommend it highly enough!




Nicola has the ability to make us see the beauty in intimately connecting with Mother Nature and the benefit of putting personal, nurturing life force into our food.

Before I met Nicola I thought gardening was something I would always con my dad into doing for me. I thought it was an old man’s game. Nic blew that assumption right out of the pond.

Plus her energy, enthusiasm and playful spirit make her one of the coolest people to hang out with. She is so much fun – a breath of fresh air in a niche where she is second to none.


Simone Novello

Thanks Nicola for helping me turn my brown thumb, green!

I LOVED The Abundant Veggie Patch System – it was worth every cent! Even my friends who have been gardening for decades can’t believe my leap in knowledge and gardening skills.

I’m a busy, working mum and the course fitted in beautifully with my schedule. Nicola held my hand as I set up a garden step-by-step and made sure I got wins on the board that increased my confidence in growing organic food.

I’m enjoying the fun and educational ride – sun, exercise, spending time with the kids, creating beauty in the garden and the best tasting nutritious food I’ve ever had!!! Satisfaction.



Oh my god, herbs make everything taste soooo good!

Nicola is my go-to-gal when I need inspiration for healthy living. Shes’s introduced me to green juices and the delight of fresh herbs… and oh my god, herbs make everything taste soooo good! But more than just showing me how to grow healthy food, Nicola continues to inspire, motivate and encourage me to live a life that is abundant and full of creativity.

In The Abundant Veggie Patch System Nicola provides the tools to get things done in your garden. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to feel more connected to nature, grow a gorgeous garden and improve their health. Her honesty, transparency, humour and feminine strength will help you get where you want to go in your garden and your life.



Nicola is so inspiring and helpful, even if you have no gardening experience; it’s easy to start growing your own CLEAN fresh food.

I wasn’t sure whether I could “get the skills” online and whether it would be too technical when I enrolled in The Abundant Veggie Patch System. But I have learnt how to vastly improve and prepare my soil, and it shows in healthier plants!

I loved Nicola’s relaxed style of gardening education. She has such an authentic, natural personality. It’s clear she really comes from a place of honesty and caring, and she wants to share her knowledge with you.

I would definitely recommend The Abundant Veggie Patch System!



Nicola gives us a big vision, a light heart, and a road map you can trust, step-by-step eliciting a garden where the plants and creatures take care of each other.

When you sign up to Nicola’s ‘Sprout’ newsletter, it’s like being a kid and having a new buddy move in down the street, inciting you to adventure.  She ‘appears’ at your kitchen table each week, getting you building cubby houses, digging holes and gleaning fallen leaves to make big piles to jump into.

Soon you notice, just like she promised, there is an immensely productive ecosystem around your house. Steadily, you become someone with the strength, insight and eagerness to make life work.

Delicately-flavored organic food appears, almost as a side effect. Then we are freed up and fueled to go do the other creative things we were put on this good earth to do.

Nicola, you make me brave, you make me laugh, and I love being in your aura.



I’ve been gardening for years, and Nicola still taught me so many useful techniques and methods to improve my veggie patch.

When you’re at home on your own, it can be isolating in your garden. Nicola’s course and the online community it brought together kick-started my own enthusiasm again.

Her natural enthusiasm for growing organic food inspired me to take action and make my first no-dig garden.

The Abundant Veggie Patch System is easy to use, even for someone of my generation who is unfamiliar with advanced technology these days. Nicola walked me through not only how to create my abundant garden, but also the course itself with ongoing support and help.

I don’t know of anyone else out there who is doing what Nicola is doing and making growing organic food accessible to people in different climates and with different ranges of experience. If you want to have organic food right outside your door, or get excited about your garden again, I recommend taking her course.



Nicola’s a charismatic go-getter, with a generous spirit and a big heart.

If you want to know how to make things happen, be it in the garden or in your life, Nicola is your girl.  



I would recommend Nicola to anyone looking for no-nonsense, tried and tested techniques to quickly transform their back-yard into an abundant veggie patch.

Nicola teaches simple methods that are not difficult to implement – in fact they are very easy to do!

Her knowledge and passion for simple, effective organic gardening shines through in all she teaches.



With Nic’s courses, support, SPROUT! newsletter and loads more, you have access to a resource that’s learned by actually ‘walking the walk’!

Through a genuine pursuit of Health and Wellbeing, Nicola and I have become great friends and colleagues.

She is fully dedicated to helping people gain the skills and knowledge they require to grow nutrient dense food to support the attainment of a healthy lifestyle.

Nicola has transformed her own ‘backyard’ into a garden of healthy opportunities and has REAL experience in a variety of gardening techniques. Nicola has also used her ever growing knowledge of gardening to enhance her own health.


Sharon Lagan

Nicola’s coaching will help me adjust to Queensland gardening since moving from down south.

Now I know it’s about adding organic matter to the sand! I was so disappointed with the results in my garden before and talking with her has made me feel inspired again.

Thank you, Nicola, for your help!



My Kale & Other Greens are Doing Amazingly!

My new garden is going really well. I rewatched a couple of your videos and filled up a second compost bin, have just planted tomato seedlings and my kale and other greens are doing amazingly! I never in a million years envisaged gardening would have this effect on me. I retreat there and just while away whatever time I have.

I don’t feel the dread now when to comes to gardening; I now understand what needs to be done.

I loved how simple Nicola made it! The videos are fantastic, especially how relaxed she is, and the way she makes gardening accessible to everyone. She breaks everything down into easy-to-understand sections.

Nicola, you are a wealth of practical and useful information! Thank you!



It’s incredible how effective and productive even a small area can be. My potted garden provides all my leafy greens & herbs, & looks beautiful with potted flowers all year round.

I love how much time and work Nicola’s ‘Abundant Veggie Patch System’ saves ~ it really does result in an abundance of vegetables!

I wish I’d known about this simple, commonsense system years ago; it would have saved me a lot of wasted time and effort.



Cost effective & simple.

I now actually have a garden bed and know what to do with it. The best part was Nicola’s wonderful personality, and the cost effective tips and the simplicity of it.

I now feel much more confident about gardening, I feel like I know the big picture and everything is in perspective. I’d absolutely recommend the course, it was such fun and so informative. Nic, you are wonderful at what you do, please don’t stop, I still look forward to your newsletter every week!

The Abundant Veggie Patch System Participant, 2012


Seeing how things are done is always easier than reading it!

I liked the videos in The Abundant Veggie Patch System; actually seeing how things are done is always easier than reading it!
The PDFs helped me keep all the information together and think about my garden more constructively. I’d recommend the course because it starts at the beginning and is very step-by-step. And I liked that you had information about seasons for planting different crops.

Toni, Australia


The Abundant Veggie Patch System has opened up my eyes to how relatively easy it is to grow your own food.

I wasn’t sure how much could be taught online about Permaculture, but now I see a lot can be:-)

I really loved the little videos of your garden so we could see the information on your slides in action.
In many ways, it’s opened up my eyes as to how relatively easy it is to grow your own food. I’d definitely recommend the course, its the best $$$ ever spent. Its very empowering, lots of fun and I’m sad that its over.
Thank you very much for putting this together. I’ll recommend the course to everyone I know. It really was so much fun and so very useful. Thanks again 🙂



So easy anyone can do it!

The Abundant Veggie Patch System was no frills and no glamour, it was down to earth and real, you didn’t feel like you had to go out and purchase expensive equipment to make it work. It made it so easy that anyone could do it.

The Abundant Veggie Patch System Participant, 2012


Anyone wanting to start a garden with NO experience will feel empowered to do it with Nicola’s system.

Hubby and I are watching the videos in the course together and are SUPER motivated and excited to start. We love all of The Abundant Veggie Patch System. It’s perfectly laid out; easy, explained. Love the pdfs to go with the modules. Nicola is amazing to watch, the videos and design is perfect and anyone wanting to start a garden with NO experience will feel empowered to do it with this system. Love it!



I gained confidence, clarity & perspective.

Thank you also for The Abundant Veggie Patch System, which was abundantly informative and has increased my knowledge of gardening and has also put everything into perspective and into the right order in my mind. I can now proceed with great confidence.

The Abundant Veggie Patch System Participant, 2012


Can’t wait until I get my first bunch of kale for my green smoothies 🙂

I most definitely enjoyed the course. Loved the videos and each week I found the modules to be a good amount of learning and pdf exercises. I followed your advice which was start before you are ready as I definitely thought I wasn’t ready but ultimately realised I had to start somewhere! For a long time I’ve wanted to give gardening a go.

I now have two vege beds with sleepers around them full of lovely layers of nitrogen and carbon. I’m up to your planting module. I’ve squeezed in the modules around a young family so have ended up doing the course a bit more slowly than I planned, but am still making significant inroads given I’ve never really done gardening before!



Your teaching has been invaluable to me.

I hesitated for a loooonng time before buying the course. I kept returning to any emails I had, reading and rereading them. I wondered if the content would cover what I wanted to learn, if the teaching style would work for me and whether I would get value for money. All the above turned out to be a yes.

Our garden will come to life in the spring due to what I have learnt and the confidence I have gained. The garden has given me a creative outlet. There is peace in the garden. The garden is filled with love that surrounds me, the family and the home.

I enjoyed the teaching style. Relaxed, informal and useable. I learn best visually so therefore watching made learning easy. Confidence, confidence, confidence. I would recommend the course, due to the practicality of the content, the ease of learning and the no time frames.

I ‘looked’ around your garden as you taught, I looked at you, I listened to what you said, how you said it and everything showed me you were genuine and authentic. You were not just telling me how to do something. You are doing it, you are living it.

The Abundant Veggie Patch System Participant, 2012


I feel quite energized and excited to be out in my garden every day.

I just can’t wait to get started with the planning of the garden around our new home over the next few months.
I really enjoyed being able to watch the videos each week. I’m a visual person, so it just makes sense to be able to see how something is planned or assembled. You do such a good job putting it all together.

The Abundant Veggie Patch System Participant, 2012


The information is good & accurate.

The course inspired me to stop procrastinating and actually start and complete my raised garden bed. The videos and information are very clear and concise. I have benefited because my garden is complete and I am anxiously waiting for the results. I’d recommend The Abundant Veggie Patch System because the information is good and accurate.

I thought the price was a little high initially, although now that I have the garden in and things are growing I’m very happy you convinced me to participate with your pleasant personality. The course gave me all the info I required to get things started and complete; I don’t know how you can improve on that!

The Abundant Veggie Patch System Participant, 2012


I was able to make a salad last night with herbs, romaine, and arugula from my potted garden.

I have also planted some alpine strawberries and they are now covered with white blossoms which will soon turn into little strawberries. And my little deck is so pretty with all the pots of herbs and pansies. And I think I have maximized my 12ft x 12ft space. Would you believe I have a dining table with four chairs, a gas grill, a clothesline, and all my lovely pots? It’s such a delight to go out there even to just hang out the laundry.

My kitty loves to spend time out there and sunbathe. She loves her catnip plant and she also loves to have a taste of my rosemary! I love going out to my deck and just sampling the herbs. Most of the time I don’t even cook with them. I just pop a few leaves in my mouth while I am tending to them or just relaxing out there. And I’ve started a worm farm. My family thinks I am nuts. LOL

The videos are wonderful and you are so engaging and it’s a joy to watch you, and I loved seeing your little doggie in them. I especially am intrigued by the potted water garden with fish, and I never knew you could grow fruit trees in pots! It was a very simple exercise, but the lesson on tracking the sun for a day was invaluable. Seeing how the trees in my locale are still in the process of unfurling their leaves, I know I will have to repeat this exercise in another couple of weeks.

I have learned alot and am very excited to try new plants. I was one to buy the run-of-the-mill potting soil and use artificial fertilizers on my potted flowers before this. I especially love knowing now how to actually build healthy soil rather than just throwing chemicals on it for a quick fix.

I found the course very enjoyable and I learned alot.

Besides the course, I love your blog and I am always happy to see a new post.



I am looking at my home differently, seeing the potential for making it more beautiful with plants.

I’ve never grown a garden before and didn’t want to spend on an activity that I might not enjoy doing in the end.

What was my favourite part of the course? Definitely the videos! You explain everything so clearly. I know that if I had to learn all this through a book, I’d have given up by page 6. Nicola is awesome.



Eating things I’ve grown is awesome! I think about my garden all the time. These thoughts bring happiness, smiles and excitement.

My favourite part of Grow Organic Food in Pots is having the resources I can continue to revisit. Watch the videos and print out slides.

I now have better understanding of the importance of healthy soil and those micro-organisms. I started eating things I’d grown within a week and it just continues.

I’ve already recommended the course and continue to do. I believe it is for all those who love to garden at all levels. Everyone will learn a few things.