• Ever dream of running a heart-based business?

Ever had a dream of starting a heart-based business?

I woke up this morning very excited to write to you. In fact, it’s 5:30am as I’m typing this. Today you can get a free resource I wanted to let you know about, in case it helps to shift the direction of your life in the way it shifted mine and thousands of other people’s lives. But first, I want to tell you a story. Nineteen years ago I left school. I hadn’t finished grade ten (which means I had two more years to go in Australia) but I’d always hated school. I loved learning, but I hated school. That, plus, my parents were suddenly getting divorced and the shock and depression overtook my ability to get up and out the door in the morning. I thought I’d finish school later. When the depression lifted. Instead, I read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, and loved how he’d originally wanted to call the book, [...]

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Behind the Scenes of Our Creative Business

This week I thought we'd do something a little different. I want to take you behind the scenes of our creative business and give you a whole swathe of tools and insights into how we keep things running smoothly so we can go camping mid-week, take a trip to Lady Elliot Island, focus on painting, take time out for ourselves and enjoy creative adventures, all the while teaching courses, helping our students unlock their creativity and discover how to paint, writing a blog that reaches thousands, and making a healthy profit that supports our lifestyle. Over the past 18 months Andrew and I have been putting in place new systems to help the business move forward, and take extra care of our customers so we can share our message of living a creative life in a way that lights us up, suits our personalities, and makes our customers’ lives easier, more joyful, nourishing and fun. [...]

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  • Make Blogging an Adventure

Make Blogging a Creative Adventure Combining Ease & Inspiration: CoSchedule Review

Late last year I made an intention to write and share more personal stories on the blog. I'd gotten out of the habit of writing, but the call was whispering in my heart again, and after some fits and starts, I'm happy to say I feel right back in the swing of this creative pursuit. It's been fun! Around that time, as tends to happen when our minds are searching for ways around roadblocks, I stumbled on a new program that's been helping me to stay focused, feel more inspired, and systematically share my writing on the blog and social media in a joyful fashion. The program? CoSchedule. CoSchedule is something I noticed Nathalie Lussier was using, and after poking around for approximately five minutes, I was so excited and feeling extra nerdy that I couldn't wait to show Andrew my latest 'find.' "Honey, it's awesome. CoSchedule will save me heaps of time, it makes [...]

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Camping Adventures & The Art of Living

“I’ve never been camping with a queen size mattress before,” I say. “An innerspring, queen size mattress,” says Andrew. “Me neither.” We laugh. We’re in a state forest park, looking through the fly screen at thousands of stars above our heads. We’re actually not very far from home, less than one hour’s drive, and have pitched the tent alongside the van for a new style of camping experience. For the past, close to ten years, I’ve forgone tents in favour of campervans, but this week I’ve been considering a few things. Perhaps it has something to do with being my 34th birthday, and having decluttered most of our home, I’ve naturally been looking around at what truly matters to me. How I want to live. Mindful of where we spend our money and how to get the most bang for our buck. An article I read recently keeps popping into mind. It was about studies [...]

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The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: Free Book Giveaway!

There are a few rituals I love on a daily basis. One is tidying the house before I go to bed. Arranging the tea towel so it hangs straight, wiping down the kitchen bench of any remaining crumbs from the day, lining the jars of tea against the wall, arranging the cushions on the couch so they're 'just right, and filling the kettle with filtered water, so it’s ready for that most treasured cuppa first thing in the morning. I’m a pretty tidy person. If you’d come to our home three weeks ago it wouldn’t have appeared out of order or in disarray. But between Christmas and New Years a book was calling to me. I’d seen Marie Forleo mention it on social media and then Denise Duffield-Thomas mentioned it on her blog. Coming from two women I love, I was ever, ever so curious. The book? The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie [...]

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Ignite Your Creativity: Podcast Interview with Megan Dalla-Camina

If you're looking for a dose of creative empowerment, inspiration, and insight into what's possible when you give yourself permission to explore what lights you up, this week I have something special for you. Recently I was interviewed by Megan Dalla-Camina for her podcast "Getting Real with Megan." And when it comes to creativity, it's a topic we both LOVE talking about, incorporating it into our lives as much as possible, and encouraging others to express their own innate creativity too. Megan's a best selling author, business, creative and leadership strategist, coach and speaker on feminine power and much more (including spending time as a music producer!) so she brings a whole lot of love and motivation to the table in one delightful, powerful package. In this episode we talked about: Why we believe EVERYONE is creative and what to do if your heart is calling you to be more expressive. Resistance, and my unique [...]

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9 Gift Ideas for Creative Hearts & Art Lovers

My childhood friend LOVES finding gifts throughout the year and she seems to have other people at the forefront of her mind no matter where she is, "Hmmm, wouldn't so-and-so just love this? I think I'll pick one up for her in pink." or, "Oh look! A thingamybob! So-and-so adores those! I'll buy two and surprise her for Christmas." Unfortunately, that's not me. I'm more of the, "Ohmygoodness,isitreallyalreadyoneweekbeforeChristmas?WhatamIgoingtogiveeveryone?!" And as a creative, I know it can be tricky when it comes to gifts for art lovers, organic gardeners and creative hearts. So, here's a short list of gift ideas to inspire those you love to Flourish in their organic gardening adventures and creative life. I hope it helps! Canvases. Good sizes to give as gifts include 60 x 90cm and 30 x 30cm. We love to give the children in our lives small canvases to paint on - their faces always light up with the [...]

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Plan Your Shining Year in 2016 with Leonie Dawson’s Awesome Planners

For the past four years I've used Leonie Dawson's fun-filled yearly workbooks and planners to reflect on the year that's past, plan the year to come, and get excited about new possibilities for my life and business in the future. I use them every year, because I love them. They're not just a planner. She's created a process that leads you through the importance of reflecting on the previous year, celebrating your successes and also releasing what needs to be let go of in order to fully step into the year to come. I haven't found anyone else who does it quite like Leonie, and her jubilant, colourful world lights me up every time I open her pages. This year, she's gone to the trouble of having the planners printed in hard copy. In the past, they were available only as PDF downloads which I'd print out and then have bound at Officeworks. Well, this [...]

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Reflections on Praise & Criticism

I remember when I was twenty-one standing alone in a gallery waiting for people to arrive for the opening night of my first solo exhibition. The gallery owner and I’d hung the paintings (hi Ely if you’re reading this!), printed the titles, sent out invitations, and she’d popped downstairs to get herself ready for the evening. Which left me alone for the first time with all my paintings hanging on the walls and cars passing on the busy street out front. I distinctly remember wondering if anyone was going to show up. “Imagine if no one comes!” my mind said. But they did come. In fact between my friends and family and their friends and family, there was quite a bustling crowd overflowing onto the pavement out the front. And I noticed something. I noticed how one person could love one of my paintings, but not care much for the others. While another person loved [...]

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Shhhh… Listen! Do You Hear The Sound Of Seasons?

So, as you may know, Andrew and I met and got married very quickly two years ago. It was one of those incredible experiences where you just know this is the right person for you. And so seven weeks after our first proper date, we were married. Which is a lot to adjust to in your day to day life. Routines were changed and my focus shifted. One thing I was conscious of letting go at the time was my morning ritual of sitting in the orchard writing. It just didn’t feel right to be getting up and leaving my newly wedded husband alone in bed while I pontificated on my own in the orchard. No, I wanted cuddles and leisurely lie ins and quite simply, I just wanted to be with him. Saying goodbye, even for an hour, didn’t light me up. At all. Which was quite new for this woman. I was used [...]

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