Zero Wind to Gale Force Winds & Dolphins Everywhere! (Sailing Day Dream Ep. 5)

In this episode of Sailing Day Dream we have Andrew's gorgeous daughter Skye join us on board and later my Dad comes to visit in Pittwater. We struggle to find enough wind to sail, and then have the strongest winds we've sailed in yet. Plus, dolphins seem to follow us everywhere! We hope you enjoy this episode. Come along for the ride - it's a fun one 🙂 With love, [...]

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Our First Time Sailing to Sydney Harbour (Sailing Day Dream Ep. 4)

In this episode of Sailing Day Dream we set sail out into the big blue ocean for the first time and head down to stunning Sydney Harbour. Along the way we see whales (whoohooo!!!! It was so amazing seeing them!!!), then have adventures around the harbour and sail under that iconic bridge. I hope you enjoy joining the adventure! Content 2 Join the Crew & Support Our Production If [...]

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We Lost Our Brand New Dingy! (Sailing Day Dream Ep. 3)

After living aboard for about six weeks, we had some unexpected excitement losing our dingy. Plus, we prepare to sail to Sydney Harbour and celebrate Andrew's birthday in Brooklyn, on the Hawkesbury River in New South Wales, Australia. Join the fun and have a laugh on us - there are a few laughs in this episode 🙂 Content 2 Join the Crew & Support Our Production Thank you SO [...]

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Learning the Ropes & Family Visits (Sailing Day Dream Ep. 2)

Sailing Day Dream Episode 2 is here! It's been a big month for us, as we settle into our new life and have had a few unforeseen upheavals. Come along for the adventure as we practice our sailing skills, overcome a few nerves, harvest water from our dingy and take Andrew's dad for a sail. We're cruising around Pittwater, New South Wales, Australia and getting accustomed to this awesome new [...]

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A New Adventure Begins: On a Sail Boat! (Sailing Day Dream Ep. 1)

We’ve officially set off on a new adventure, on a sail boat! (If you're wondering what led us to this point, you can get the full story here). The short story is, in early 2017 we sold everything (our home, studio, furniture… everything) and bought a boat! Join us in the first episode of Sailing Day Dream and have a laugh as we sort out our dingy, get Lacey-Jane (our [...]

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We sold everything & bought a sail boat!

Well, a lot has changed in my world since I wrote to you last. Yes, you read the subject of this email right, we have sold everything (house, art studio, furniture... everything) and bought a sail boat! But before I get into the juicy topic of how, when and where, I thought I'd fill in the blanks a little and let you know why. I've been getting more and more [...]

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5 Signs You Should Take a Creative Retreat Now

Today, let's explore 5 signs you need a creative retreat. Now, when I'm talking about a creative retreat, I'm not necessarily suggesting that you take a week off and you leave your family and fly to Bali and have a complete break, (by all means, do that if you can!) but if you can't, then you can make a creative retreat last for anything from half an hour to a [...]

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How to Begin a Creative Project When You’re Afraid of Failure

Hey, Creative Heart! Today, let's talk about how to begin a creative project when you might be feeling afraid of failure. Content 2 Like to listen instead? Press play below: Video Transcript: How to Begin a Creative Project When You’re Afraid of Failure We all know the feeling, right? We've got this desire in our heart; we want to write a book; we want to paint a [...]

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5 of the Best Life-Changing Writing Books

Whether you're writing for business or you're writing for pleasure, there's a lot to be said for finding tips about how to write well. In this week’s video I want to share with you five of my all-time favourite, live changing writing books. Content 2 Like to listen instead? Press play below: Video Transcript: 5 of the Best Life-Changing Writing Books The first two writing books I [...]

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Paint Your Own Wisdom Cards

I always find beautiful, rewarding things happen when I spend time creating. I find it nourishes my soul.  Nourishing in a way that watching TV or a movie can't possibly compare to. I've found painting and creating are tangible ways to calm my mind, tune into my heart and follow my bliss. They're a form of meditation, you could say. I encourage you to have a go at the fun [...]

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