10 Steps to a Productive, Organic Veggie Patch in 60 Days or Less

So you want an organic veggie patch? Awesome! That’s super. I’m genuinely thrilled because you’re going to improve your health and quality of life in ways you can’t yet even imagine.

But where to begin?

Well, your success will depend on having good soil. Plants only thrive in good soil. But if you live in Australia, or pretty much anywhere in […]

How to Save Hours at the Grocery Store & in the Kitchen with this Delicious Herb!

 (My Absolute FAVORITE Plant!)

Are you too busy to grow your own food? I’m not surprised. But what if I told you growing this one herb would actually save you hours going to the grocery store? Not only that, it tastes delicious AND improves your health.

I’m super excited to share this herb of the week with you. It’s actually my […]

Tired of pests in your organic veggie patch? Try this beeeeautiful herb!

I have loads of friends in my garden. Friends who help keep pests under control, friends who busily pollinate my fruits and vegetables, friends our food system relies on to keep us fed and happy.

But there’s a catch. They’re under threat. I don’t want to lose my friends, and whether you know it or not, neither do you.

Have you […]

Stomach pain? Trouble sleeping? This tasty herb will help!

After years of tummy upsets, I’ve experimented with a whole range of remedies to soothe a cramping, bloated and down-right-messed-up digestive system. Among the successful remedies I’ve found have been colloidal silver, homeopathic drops, Mora therapy, massage, and living in line with my truth. But sometimes, I simply want something in the physical world that takes action, soothes my […]

Building Dreams & Failing Frailties

We are in the midst of building a studio. Or, at least, designing a studio to build. Funnily enough, I’ve noticed all the same blocks and opportunities that come with creating anything out of ‘thin air’ as I’ve come up against as an artist. Maybe you can relate…

Fear it won’t look good.

Fear it won’t be perfect.

Fear we will regret […]

Taking Care of Yourself & Embracing ‘What is’

Andrew and I have been camping, taking a van trip south for the past few days. We’ve seen mud crabs in the mangroves, dolphins nosing down an estuary, stingrays gliding under a bridge, brim and flathead in the river and seagulls, butcher birds, lorikeets and more in the bushland on the edge of land and sea. We’ve had campfires […]