• The Mojo Radio Show

Leading a Creative Life to Enhance your Innovative Mind – Mojo Radio Show Podcast Interview

A few weeks ago I was in the back streets of Fitzroy in Melbourne, propped up in our van, chatting on Skype with two of my favourite radio show hosts, Gary Bertwistle & Darren "Robbo" Robertson. We talked about creativity. We talked about presence. We talked about how to unlock ideas and find a hobby that lights you up. Plus, we talked about something I'd never of heard before - [...]

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  • Nicola Newman Artist Road Trip Adventures

Spontaneous Road Trip Adventures 2016 – Part 1

It had been well over a year since our last major road trip adventure. And little did I know the desire for another was percolating so strongly beneath the surface. Five weeks ago we set off for a couple of days to Byron Bay to drop off some new paintings to Art Piece Gallery. We’d also been invited to the launch of the Byron Arts Magazine and thought it would [...]

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Finding inspiration… even amongst imperfection :)

Sitting on our back steps, still groggy from waking up, cup of (naturally decaffeinated) coffee in hand, I found inspiration for my day amongst the imperfection. A corner of our veggie patch has become overgrown with a vine from my neighbour’s farm. The property changed hands a few years ago and the new owners no longer run cattle beside our fence, which has left the paddock to become overrun with [...]

  • But, don’t my paintings have to look real to be good

“But, don’t my paintings have to look ‘real’ to be good?”

Often when we want to begin painting (perhaps for the first time since we left school) we quickly hear something like this in our head... "I can't draw and I can't accurately depict a scene or an object. So why bother? Don't my paintings have to look 'real' to be good?" In response, I wanted to open a world of possibilities you may have never thought about before and hopefully [...]

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Get Started with Painting & Creativity: NEW Free 10 Day eCourse!

Would you love to get started with painting & creativity? If so, you'll love our new free ecourse, Get Started with Painting & Creativity!!!!! Over the past year we've had so much feedback from our readers that they would love to paint, they just need help getting started. So, we wanted to make it SUPER EASY, accessible and fun for you to get started with painting & creativity and help [...]

  • elizabeth-gilbert-big-magic-book-giveaway

Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Big Magic” Book Giveaway!

Last week Andrew & I went to see Elizabeth Gilbert speak as part of the Brisbane Writer's Festival about her lovely new book "Big Magic - Creative Living Beyond Fear." She was such a delight to listen to, just as she is to read. And, inspired by her Australian tour, I wanted to share some take-aways from the book and also do a book give-away so you can win a [...]

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Your Creative Life Podcast Interview With Vanessa Carnevale

I'm excited to be featured on Vanessa Carnevale's gorgeous podcast series "Your Creative Life" this week where we chat about painting, creativity, mindfulness and how nature can be a wonderful source of inspiration when we pay attention to our surroundings. Painting, creativity, mindfulness and nature. Mmmmm.... yum! These are some of my all time favourite topics to talk about. Listen in as Vanessa and I chat about how we can [...]

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  • bschool_bonuses_2016

Our Best Ever Creative B-School Bonus Package & Meet My Gorgeous Husband Andrew!

I'm so excited! Today you get to meet my husband Andrew :) After two years working together, I'm thrilled to introduce you to the man behind the woman, and give you a glimpse of how we work together in our business. Plus, we're also going to share with you our Best Ever Creative B-School Bonus Package for 2016. You'll discover how B-School helped me develop our business, how we have [...]

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Could this FREE scholarship be what your business dream needs?

I wanted to take a moment and make sure you know about this beautiful and generous opportunity (available this weekend) to develop or begin your dream business for free... Marie Forleo's acclaimed online business school is opening for enrollments next week, but right now, she's offering scholarships in a contest to win a FREE place in the B-School program. Marie and her team understand many folks may not be able [...]

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  • Nature & Art

Nature & Art: A Taste of My Philosophy & Experience

One of my favourite moments of the creative process is what I call the ‘first viewer experience’. That’s when you go into the studio with a steaming cup of tea and see what you’ve created the night before. For that moment, you’re the viewer, no longer the artist. Whether the painting’s finished or not, whether it’s good or not, whether it’s how you remembered it or not, doesn’t actually matter. [...]

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