11 Fun Organic Food Plants You Can Grow in Pots

Unless you’ve been exposed to a flourishing potted garden, you possibly don’t know the scope of plants it’s possible to grow in containers. Over the years I’ve been fortunate to see and create some diverse and very productive potted gardens so I thought it would be fun to share with you some ideas of the yummy fruits (yes fruits!) […]

Why Are They Criticising Me?

Responses to the Painting & Creativity questionnaire I put out last week were so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your stories, experiences and ideas with me.

Something I noticed from the replies, was so many people have been hurt by teachers, mentors, parents. Who didn’t nurture their creative spirit. Who didn’t canoodle their fledgling beginnings and explorations. And funny enough, […]

Special Encore Article:: Jeanette Hindmarsh’s Abundant Organic Veggie Patch: A Case Study

Jeanette Hindmarsh began her garden with a clean slate. All she had growing was a gardenia bush out the back when she moved in, so she’s been able to create her garden from scratch.

Jeanette joined me in The Abundant Veggie Patch System last year and shares how having a garden has enriched her enjoyment not only of her […]

Special Encore Article:: Vanessa Teklenburg’s Abundant Organic Veggie Patch: A Case Study

Vanessa Teklenberg lives with her husband and two children in Australia after moving from the UK a few years ago. In 2012 she completed The Abundant Veggie Patch System and this week she shares her experience creating an organic garden, fitting it in around her family, and how it’s helped her find a deeper connection with nature.

I’m honoured […]

Special Encore Article:: Beginner Gardener to Flourishing Green-Thumb, My Brother’s Abundant Veggie Patch: A Case Study

The Brief: My brother wanted a gar­den to support his and his family’s health, save money on organic food, and add delicious flavour to their meals.
The Process
What we did:  We made the gardens in pre-made corrugated iron raised beds because my brother’s yard is prone to minor flooding in heavy rain (which we’ve sure seen  a lot of lately). […]

The Adventures of Lacey Jane: Part 1 [An Epic Roadtrip to Tasmania & Back]

If you’ve been following me on Facebook or Instagram you’ll know Andrew & I’ve been away on an adventure, travelling in the van with our Cavoodle puppy Lacey Jane down to Tasmania then back home to the Sunshine Coast.

It was such a blessing taking some time out. To ‘refill the well’ with inspiration, as Julia Cameron calls it in […]